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  1. If you shave down there is good hygiene practice. I keep switching top bush and wax under here and there. So it’s okay to do shave it all

  2. Respect to you, that you have so much bravery to walk around in nice lingerie for 20min to have sex! I would definitely have a mental break down by then…. But it looks like you dont have only problem with initiating, but mainly with different libido!

  3. Communication is pretty much required here. If I were you, I would want to know if she has ever been touched or licked. Does she touch herself. What does she mean too sensitive. Does it hurt. Does anything I do feel good. Etc. Etc. There are many people who don't like certain things. Or, who don't get pleasure from certain things. But, one of the whole points of our genitalia is to receive pleasure. So, her not getting pleasure from being touched in multiple ways, is very contrary to the average person. Ask her how she wants to be touch to receive pleasure. Does she even know. Can she be. Depending on the answers she gives, you might be in the realm of simple incompatibility. YMMV

  4. You’d be surprised at how much mileage the same shit over and over will get you when dealing with someone who likes to be humiliated or degraded. As long as it makes their dick hard they dont care that they’ve heard it before – I promise. That being said – its going to depend entirely on the person. Some people like humiliation about their bodies or sexual prowess/performance and value. Others have hard boundaries on certain body parts or dont want to be told they’re bad lovers. Some like having their intelligence insulted, they like to feel less than, unworthy, incapable of doing anything right. Others dont want their intelligence brought up. Some like to be taunted about their kink – called deviant, disgusting, perverted and pathetic for wanting to hear such things. Others don’t want you to bring up the taboo nature. Find out in what ways this person wants degradation. What is it they want to feel (besides degraded – they need to use other words) and then explore what actions/areas of “attack” will push those buttons.

  5. Yeah. He's great and let's me do whatever. He's a great listener. But this problem is something i don't think I can tell him


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