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  1. She is correct and you are correct but if you guys can compromise or set clear expectations and boundaries then it’s possible it can’t work. She shouldn’t have to accept porn and you shouldn’t have to avoid it if that’s a dealbreaker for either of you, you can always walk away.

  2. As a man my first time having a girl give me a bj and complete it completely felt so good, and I would have a full body orgasm and moan, until one day after my orgasm she started licking me right my balls and it started to build, I was moaning like how a woman would and it just surprised me and took me off guard. I had to stop her because I was getting quite loud lol and she just smirked at me lol.

  3. She lied to you about something that PUT you in this position. What that does to you is wrong. Just flat out wrong. It's no different then any other kind of lie a person would tell another person that would make or break deciding on a relationship. Lies ruin lives. She has you questioning yourself about yourself, and your sexuality, over believing in her being a person she wasn't all along. That's severe. Cheaters cheat and lie about it… its betrayal, no different. She knowingly put you in a compromised situation. Whenever either of you recognized and shared the potential for serious feelings to develop was the time for her to come clean about be honest. That happens before things get physical. Truly knowing a person IS intimate, and that intimacy has been compromised by hiding her true self. Screw sexual incompatibility… plenty of guys are into transsexuals, and would be perfectly happy pursuing a relationship knowing from the beginning. So why should you have to sacrifice your sexual boundaries for someone that lied to you for long enough for this situation to develop?? Plenty of guys enjoy being pegged by their partner, but that's a call made by mutual trust, comfort, and intimacy formed in mutual honesty and vulnerability. Some guys try it and don't like it. It can be a seriously difficult thing for straight guys in relationships with natural born women to process and come to terms with and accept and be ok with. If it doesn't feel good for them it's even harder. I dont think the bottom surgery is what I'd be nearly as worried about as the lying, being led on, and being put in a compromised situation like this. That would be my reason for ending things. Taking a good long break anyways at the very least. If that was hidden what else was? It's your choice. I stayed in relationships where I was lied to and put in severely compromised situations, and I stayed in relationships where I was cheated on. Genuinely deep felt caring, attachment, and feelings of love romantically can be hard to break. It's one thing to fall in love with a woman… another the idea of a relationship that isn't really her because of projected idealizations of what she is or what things would be like…. Yet you find yourself in the position of having fall in love with a woman that misrepresented a vital part of herself and her life you would normally have assessed as incompatible for yourself. Which is neither of those, but closer to the latter. In the relationships I stayed where trust had been violated, they cheated, or even they showed themselves to not be who they claimed all along… it eroded and broke the bonds and foundation for trust in lifelong partnerships. Only you can decide what is best for you. I'd take some time to decide, get my head clear from it all and not be pressured by her or anyone, sit with yourself and be true to yourself… honestly I already know it would be over for me, not because she has a penis… but because of the dishonesty. I personally would understand and respect your choice to try and work it out. If I knew you I'd give you a big hug, it'll all be ok.


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