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  1. She was avoiding sex, in the back of your mind you think it could be you and what you’re doing wrong. That’s okay, most people would. You’re hyper focused on pleasing her during sex so it proves the thoughts that you have wrong. The beard stubble tripped you up while already stressed and anxious on providing a fun experience.

  2. Nah, this is why it’s important to listen to each individual woman and see what she likes. I like slow, steady, consistent stimulation. A man lingering in one spot/pattern is exactly what I need. I would err on the side of “right there” meaning exactly that – stay right there.

  3. thank you! he also texted me a week after the “date” asking to meet up again and saying he's sad and wishes we could have made out…

  4. Sex with someone who doesn’t like sex, even under the guise of “I’ll do it for you”, is not appealing and is most likely why he is acting like this.

  5. There is no reason to feel disgusted or so. She wanted it with you and she told you that oral on her was not possible then and so it is all fine. Dont worry. I would talk with her though if you want to repeat it or how you want to go on. I dont think anythin there was wrong, i had a similar experience when i was younger with a friend and we did oral but it was only once and we just stayed friends after. We talked about it and for us it was just trying something out, nothing wrong there ^

  6. If you feel an urge to make a noise, let it out. Use your hands and touch him while he's fucking you. Assuming this is during missionary, you can grab him, scratch his back, run your hands along his body, play with your tits, rub your clit, throw up some signs and remind him that Wutang is forever. Fuck back: rock your hips to meet his. Just be active and enthusiastic.

  7. It would’ve been from insertive vaginal sex with some girl that I didn’t know too too well (condom broke but we kept going). I know that I’m not at the biggest risk (not a drug user, I never bottom, I use condoms almost always) which is why I’m hesitant to go for a test without insurance.

  8. He’s not respectful of you. He should have told his friend to shut up. Your instinct is correct on this one , don’t talk to him anymore.

  9. My wife often describes the feeling she gets before she squirts as needing to pee. Perhaps this is what is happening to your partner. Hopefully some of the ladies that squirt can comment on their personal experiences around this.

  10. Because if a man is married and especially if he is married with kids, he has a responsibility to provide for and protect his family. If a man is doing these things, and he is living with a woman who refuses to meet his needs, (I used that word again), then it begins to feel like you are living with a roommate, not a wife. Which then leads to question to the need for a marriage to begin with. I don’t want to live with a roommate. Neither does any level headed married man.

  11. YO OP! Can you please either confirm or deny that you are the 34 year old from the aforementioned other post of a similar nature? please and thank you.

  12. Dude, I can’t even masturbate to a pornstar who is even a completely different ethnicity that has the same name as my sister…

  13. Gosh, what a great question!!! I wanted sex everyday and knew my then bf didn't. Everyday I'd ask him “Do you wanna have sex?” He'd say NO, hurting my feelings, then he'd grab my breast and I'd spring into action. So I feel you. How about so it doesn't feel like begging, say lines like: You turn me on so much. Let's do it…..or…..I have the sexiest wife. I need your body…….or….I need to show my love to you. I want you now. These aren't begging statements, right? Does this work for you?

  14. Not everyone likes kissing. Different strokes for different folks. The act of kissing itself isn't necessarily inherently pleasurable. Why people like it is because of what it symbolizes: affection, desire, hunger, etc. If you don't feel those things for someone, kissing them won't feel like much of anything besides “wet pressure”.

  15. I get the sense the girls started doing it in porn and it eventually became a “thing,” kind of like with facials. Not sure if that is right or not. Just a hunch.

  16. I feel for you. Since he's very into the soul/energetic side of life, maybe you two could research about how sex is one of the most powerful energy exchanges? Especially with someone you love, it can be very sacred. Look into things such as sensate focus or tantric sex. This may help him appreciate and enjoy his sexual energy with you!

  17. Calling porn the lesser of all evils is not sex positive and is kink shaming. Choose your words carefully.

  18. Well I've been thinking about this and about what people have said and I can see the attraction. Part of the reason I don't like to open some kinds of doors is the danger of walking right through them. I always try to shut down anything to do with other men other than the occasional drunken flirt, where he says he can't watch. I can imagine if that one got turned on its head we could soon be on a slippery slope. It would be like being single again but way more edgy. I don't think he'd want it played out like that Part of what I have to work out about this is how to manage it as purely a fantasy. So tempting, if he wants these things, to refer to occurrences where the chance was probably truly there. Or worse.

  19. Yeah I remember it really hurting and jerking off didn’t help if it happened too late. Hasn’t been an issue as I’ve gotten older

  20. It seems odd that she's meeting you with anger on all of this. Unless you've asked her to the point she finds it tedious (and even then, I'd imagine what I'm about to say is true), I'd imagine an angry response like that would originate from outside stressors. She may still stand by that limit firmly, but perhaps there are other things weighing on her. Solutions are rarely reached in a relationship through anger. Perhaps there could be a way to work through that anger with her before coming back to this problem. I understand that you are also probably frustrated, but if you can calmly work together on this, perhaps you can find a different solution together. For a more immediate and practical solution, perhaps sex toys could also help you both out.

  21. Um, I'm not a doctor, but the peeing thing only applies to women. Men's biology means that bacteria really doesn't stand a chance of getting up the urethra and causing an infection from sex in any meaningful way. You don't need to worry about peeing after sex at all, she does.

  22. So women who want anal don’t start families? Come on dude. He was definitely being misogynistic- all he had to do was say no but instead he outright insulted her.

  23. I've never experienced pain in my urethra from penetrative. I have had pain from a misplaced thrust hitting my perineum though (a few different occasions). This is not something to worry about unless going very fast and not paying attention to where your body is in relation to your partner.

  24. Again, that doesn’t really give us much information to gauge it’s severity. I’m sure lots of people have compulsions to masturbate/watch porn but that doesn’t necessarily translate into an addiction – addiction is only generally applied where the act takes over aspects of the persons life, affects relationships, work or hobbies etc.