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  1. Pissing in the answer. I didn't piss and got epidimitis. Basically the cords in my balls got infected and my right nut swelled to base ball size. Very painful.

  2. Is this a thing with a new partner? Some guys might have a hard time staying erect, and I don't think it was your fault. He might have been extremely nervous tbh

  3. But did you lie or just didnt respond.. seems like their are double standards for men and women one is a Stud the other a slut . Dont understand it. Take care

  4. Bc you’re not supposed to ask.. try to hint at it like caress her thigh or kiss her while you’re laying in bed

  5. If i’m sending him a naughty picture, it’s not to get one back. I just like to bring a bit of thrill and excitement to his day. As long as you are giving her some acknowledgement and appreciation for it, i would say you are good (and sincere compliments are always very appreciated).

  6. When you say uncle, the immediate assumpton is that you are discussing a person who is a generation older. He is only 6 years older than you, and his partner is only 4 years older than you. It is a bit odd to consider someone who is closer to being your peer, as an uncle. So if I strip the title away… You are 18, and your flat mate is having sex next to your room and it is making you uncomfortable. In response you tried to virtually “participate” in their secxual acts by masturbating to what you were hearing. I wont comment on that part, but it strikes me as a bad idea to engage with those intrusive thoughts. Re the sex… You ought to make your discomfort clear. You can make yourself heard loudly… make noise, play music etc… to ensure that they understand that you can hear and do not consent to witnessing their sex lives. Appealing to your nan is not working so you unfortunately need to assert yourself more.

  7. It’s very attractive being outspoken. But the men that are intimidated probably worry they won’t be able to satisfy you. Women are not usually outspoken so when they are it’s surprising. That first time might be distressing cause now he feels the pressure to leave a good impression. He might start thinking he has to ‘perform’ extremely well or offer things he can’t.

  8. I don't drink much, but whenever I'm really lacking sleep it makes me super horny too sometimes leading to really bad decisions

  9. That's your body telling you to form a bond with the man you love. Remember you are hard wired to your instincts, if you had sex in the past you would get pregnant and if the guy you were with was not serious you would die. So you are hard wired to want to be with a single guy that you love, so I recommend you try a relationship with someone you love.

  10. I have an “average” size and I’ve heard this occasionally from my wife (together more than three decades). Sometimes all the feelings are overwhelming and you can’t exactly figure out what’s going on. It’s not a criticism. It’s a check-in.

  11. Sperm lives for days so it’s most definitely possible for her to get pregnant and isn’t safe at all you still need reliable birth control if having sex regardless of a woman being on her period or not

  12. Make sure you give therapy time to work if you go down that route. It's not a 1 time or 2 time thing (in fact there is no set number of times)… My wife and I have gone to therapy for around 5+ years now for various things and it saved our marriage (for sex reasons and other).. I want to say it took us at least a year or two before we really made progress. It also takes both people committed to it. If only one is it won't help Hang in there

  13. In addition to the comments about missionary/spooning, I'd like to toss in my contribution of her sitting in your lap, facing you (on bed/in a chair/etc). Accessible for PIV or fingers, you can hug/kiss/touch all over, can look in each other's eyes… Arguably up there as one of the most intimate ones like missionary.

  14. I can think of 2 main categories of reasons personally : Constant rejection and lack of enthusiasm. If trying to have sex feels like I'm forcing on her that she doesn't want, yeah, I'll go back to porn. If sex becomes a negative or stressful experience rather than something fun. For example, if performance anxiety issues are there and gf gets visibly upset or frustrated, adding to anxiety levels and crushing self confidence.


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