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  1. That statement about porn sounded like sarcasm to me. I think what she really needs is an emotional connection. Porn is very harmful to true intimacy. I dated a guy who didn't watch porn and sex was beyond everything. It was best sex in my life and I have never found anyone else like him. He orgasmed 6 times in a row and made me cum a lot, too. It was crazy and beyond this physical world…

  2. tightness and looseness is controlled about how aroused someone is, the more aroused, the less tight. society has conditioned us to think tight = good. when in actuality that's a sign of a woman not being turned on.

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  4. It still is expected. Clearly OP expects it. People are acting like she went out of her way to trap him. She probably thought it was normal to be not that into it and it wore on her after a number of years. Sucks for OP but its not exactly shocking. Young women don't know whats normal in a sexual relationship. Many have pain and think its normal. Just going along with bjs is still not uncommon, especially if she's been with someone pushy. I dated a couple of guys who would shove my head that way every encounter. One had poor hygiene so I was never a fan- but the whining was grating. One I liked doing them for, but he burned me out by wanting one every day. Its entirely possible that she did like to give them and got kind of burned out. I always loved impressing a guy with my skills- but that love waned fast when he did not reciprocate (not necessarily oral) or seem appreciative.

  5. I've never heard of this one, but where the gag reflex is concerned I don't think there's such a thing as normal/abnormal.

  6. This is me too. My wife just lies there saying sexy things like “you just have your fun, I don't want to cum”. We have sex a couple times a month and I'd honestly rather have a wank. Weve been together 25 years, and the last ten has been mediocre at best.

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  8. Sure us guys are willing to wait if that makes a woman feel comfortable. However be mindful of the fact that if you have just had a few one night stands, then it would be difficult to understand the waiting. In fact some guys might walk away at such a treatment.


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