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  1. To me it's a matter of position, if I'm to top I last 30 sec to 1 min too but If it's my partner riding me I last somewhere around 15min and that's more than enough for them to satisfy themselves and get tired

  2. I’m sure the guy is depressed and needs help being pulled from the void. You’ll probably have to attack that from another angle other than sex for him to take interest. Everything may be so dull that it all feels completely normal to him. This to me is like a classic case. Obviously convincing a man set in his ways to get help is tough, but maybe both of you start at diet and exercise together and begin trying to boost the proper hormones. From there, maybe the clarity will begin to happen.

  3. Use only water in the shower. Lots of body wash soaps are too harsh for under the forseskin. Ignore the people saying otherwise, may work for them for now but it will dry it out. Take your time pulling it back, be gentle and at any sign of tightness or pain stop, wash what you've reveled and continue this process until you can comfortably pull it down and up with no problem. Once you get to this point I'd recommend pulling it back after every pee and use toilet paper to lightly dab any excess urine away. You don't need this stuff at this time but for you down the road and anyone else in this thread here are some oils that are great for a foreskin. Coconut Oil: only the organic 100% extra-virgin cold pressed, the ingredients should simply be coconut oil. This should be a staple for any uncut guy! Castor Oil: same as above, get the organic 100% version only, has a less desirable smell then coconut but is more long lasting of a moisturizer Emu Oil: more expensive but very good and no smell like the castor oil, and again same as the others only the 100% organic kind.


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