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  1. I still don’t get why people think therapy is a bad idea. they’re not completely fucked just because they’re having issues early on. They’re trying to make the best out of a somewhat shitty situation.

  2. He won’t sue me. There are many reasons why he won’t, even if it goes to court. This post isn’t our entire relationship.

  3. If she doesn't like it, there is nothing you can do. You can't force her to do it. Only options are -You live with it and never get head anymore -See if she will allow another person into the relationship that gives you the oral you need. -End the relationship because you and her are not compatible sexually.

  4. It's always been a part of foreplay even suckling or light nibbles ( pleasure not pain btw ;)) ) during sex admittedly I've always encouraged it for male & female partners cause I enjoy it I love to watch them whilst whispering sweet nothings in their ear 😇

  5. After further research, only in the Prozac leaflet it states: Symptoms of sexual dysfunction occasionally persist after discontinuation of fluoxetine treatment.

  6. Be assertive in the relationship. Let her know how much you like it. Also… I was in a relationship with a girl who wouldn’t give head. 4 years no blowjob. It’s miserable. Don’t do it.

  7. Personally so long as there’s good hygiene then I’m not concerned, I’ve certainly had worse things near my mouth than a women’s genitals

  8. Don’t feel guilty for a second. I think women should allow themselves to be a little selfish in the bedroom, especially if your man isn’t voicing any concerns. You’re cumming a lot, and you’re both happy? Then enjoy yourself and keep that kitty happy 😃

  9. I'm sorry, bud. It's possible she really doesn't want to do anything except PIV but I'd suspect it has more to do with mental barriers than preferences. “Come As You Are” by Emily Nagoski could help her figure out what those blockers are.

  10. I tried this edging thing with my wife, was a complete disaster. I just ended up edging myself all day. She had an orgasms each time. I am just really bad at stopping in time. haha.

  11. You should only marry her if you can get over this insecurity. Think about it this way. Out of all those guys, SHE WANTS TO BE WITH YOU! She chose YOU! Her past is her past. Her past made her the person you love, including the fact that she had a lot of sex with a lot of different people. Those experiences shaped her into who she is today. Focus on what you both want going forward rather than what happened in the past.

  12. Do you feel like your hardly hungry in Wellbutrin? I just don’t eat much anymore. I can’t eat anything til at least 12:00 because there’s absolutely no hunger in me. I’m thinking it’s the Wellbutrin. 🧐

  13. Says you. I’ve never been nauseous doing it, and never heard a girlfriend tell me she was either. You’d have to be very unlucky (with quantity or quality) for that to happen I think.

  14. Perfectly normal, and all of us vary in amount and viscosity, and an individual will also vary due to hormonal cycles, diet, stress, etc. So don’t compare to exs or friends or even your wife two weeks ago. I have friends who must have very little discharge, as they’re happy to go commando. Me, I have to wear absorbent period underwear daily or I’d soak through my jeans. It’s just another quirk of having a vagina!

  15. How do I let this go? This was the question asked. If she wants to let it go, she probably needs professional help. It has nothing to do with what I believe or not, she asked a specific question and therapy is the right answer. She did not ask “should I leave him” or anything else. She specifically asked how to 'let it go'.

  16. Im not lol. Im basically saying what ur saying i just worded it different. Cause she fucked up bad so he basically has to lose interest in her cause he might brag and get the word out.

  17. Listen. If she’s turned on you won’t need lube. If she’s as dry as the Sahara desert then she’s not into it.


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