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  1. I am female and i absolutely love being fucked awake by my partner. Nothing better than waking up and he's going to town with his tongue or grinding into me. And ive let him know its okay, likewise for him. Very enjoyable

  2. There's is an obvious lack of communication here. You need to talk to him, and if he should makes excuses as you say, you need to respond with “I hear you say it, but I am not sure I see it with your actions”, then bring up the sex with shirts on, no licking, etc etc.

  3. Could just tell him it’s easier for you to finish if he uses a dildo on you. Then find one with the size you like and have him use that on you.

  4. In my perverted formative years, I studied “Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex* (but were afraid to ask)” intently. The idea of pre-ejaculate was news to me. Actually, I didn't even know much about semen, period, but I sort of understood there was such a thing and it plays a key role in babymaking. Dr. Reuben was emphatic that pre-ejaculate contained plenty enough sperm to make doing the deed a productive experience. He didn't word it this way, but withdrawal is a means of birth reduction, not control. Practice withdrawal long enough and you'll eventually succeed. An earlier contributor to this discussion was saying that a day's abstinence and several urinations would flush all the sperm out of the system. It might help, but there's still going to be a considerable risk. On the other hand, I don't think there's that much risk if a pearl of pre-ejaculate got smeared on her vulva. But again: Murphy's Law could intercede, and even though it's extremely unlikely, there's a chance of things going very wrong. Dr. Reuben had a birthday on Tuesday. 89. He's kept a very low profile in recent decades. He let his medical license lapse a LONG time ago. He is an M.D., but his expertise is psychiatry. It's always struck me as odd that psychiatrists are trained physicians and know all about lymph nodes and spleens and gastric cloacae and a bunch of other stuff irrelevant to psychiatry.

  5. Congratulations 😊 the good thing is that there will be plenty of more experiences! It sounds like he didn't give you enough praise and/or you didn't talk much about it after. This is really important but not everybody gets that even people with lots of experience. Sex is very intimate and even the most experienced person can leave with feelings of doubts and insecurities that's why it's important to talk to your partner during and/or after sex to just let them know how you feel about it whether it was good or bad.

  6. Good points and to answer the end question, because I don’t want to give off vibes when I’m dating that I’m not physically into them, but don’t wanna jump in bed too soon early. I would prefer waiting until there’s that committed relationship. I don’t have trust issues, I would just find myself hard to completely let go and enjoy it unless I know we both cared for each other because sex sort of goes together with intimacy for me. I mean, I catch feelings for dogs after playing with them for a minute lol.

  7. There are many cultures on this planet that don't have a word for virginity. It is a meaningless concept that was originally used to counter the confused parentage breeding strategy. In a culture where birth control is a thing and women are not effectively sold off as breeding stock it has no meaning or value.

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