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  1. Damn. Poor guy can’t help that. I guess all you can do is tell him you love it and you really want him to keep doing it and feel good about it. But that you will need to finish the job, because you love it so much.

  2. Exactly how you said it here. Seems like your bigger issue is fear of his reaction, in some form. Which is fine, just know that you gotta speak the truth, and in order for a relationship to be healthy, you both need to be clear, upfront, and honest with 1 another. This is apart of that honesty.

  3. Not at all. I'm very introverted, I hate going out and meeting new people (yes I don't have many friends lol) and I rather stay at home than going to the club or something. I'm also the horniest motherfucker I know of. To me sex is both fun and very interesting. I think constantly about sex, I want to have it as much as I can, and I love to talk about it!

  4. My gf describes a similar feeling, a pain that feels pleasurable, she has bled at time and not on her period. Says she feels like i hit her cervix ? Anyways, if i see her in to much discomfort from her face i try an tone it down a notch. I dont think the uterus will detach…. Just communicate with you S/O if its too much somtimes.


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