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  1. Nope that's perfect! Really anytime within like half hour and you're probably fine. I probably wouldn't wait more than an hour to be safe. The biggest concern is if you don't pee for multiple hours afterwards or have anal at night and go to sleep without peeing.

  2. Yeah people on here let their own past and prejudices color their responses big time. Don't take it personally or to heart I don't see anything either of you did as “wrong” or “bad” it's simply a crappy thing that happened. You'll find someone more compatible and have kids if you're honest and open about it. Don't let trolls and negative nancies get you down. If you're looking for kinky sex there are a plethora of apps and groups to find just that, and a fair few nber of folks on them interested in long term relationships and kids, its not the end of the world, it just might feel like it for a bit, but it will get better.

  3. I had no idea. Well I’m glad you told me. I have a learning disorder that is similar to autism so I need some things explained to me.

  4. Short answer – No, you are not a child. Is it bad? Sounds like it. Is it illegal? Some parts sound like it. Is it grooming? No.

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  6. You're in the right. If she says no, respect it unless it's been previously (exhaustively) discussed and enthusiastically consented to. With a safe word. Remember, kink is safe, sane and consensual until you start the scene, then listen for the safe word. Think of your own safety first. If she says no, but wants you to continue, and you do, what if that's the one time it was a firm no? That's sex assault. Stay away from it. Consensual non consent is a sticky area, and rules and safe words have to be rigidly maintained for a safe, healthy experience. You were right to stop, OP. The word no means no, with no grey area.

  7. Good points you had there. That’s something I never thought of. Guilt tripping could make you lose self esteem and consequently, your motivation. And part of temptation is the guilt you feel when acting according to it, it is the driving factor per say.

  8. Big squishy pillow, put it under your butt and kind of sit back on it. Pull her hips up to you, insert and use the pillow almost like a trampoline to get a good rhythm. I say this as a disabled person with chronic stiff joints, this works amazingly well. Let gravity work for you, think leverage. Any way you can tilt her upwards and work against her position into her g-spot is your go to. If your bed is closer to the floor you can have her half on/off the bed. Another commenter mentioned core exercises too. That's a super good idea as well

  9. Dating app. Be upfront about what you’re looking for. Meet in public places first. Make sure someone else (even if they aren’t local) knows where you are going, who you are meeting, and when they should expect a check in. Use protection always.

  10. Hello! I am a ex blowjob hater. With my ex husband I couldn't stand it. But he always made me feel guilty and we just didn't have the correct chemistry for it. He would just expect a blow job, or try to like fucking barter and trade for a blow job. Then I met one of my exs who loved blowjobs and I have adored them ever since. He would literally set the fucking scene. I then had the desire to please him, I was excited for it. I get fucking drenched every time now. I will sometimes beg my husband to let me blow him. It went from a chore, to wanting and desiring to please him. I think a lot of it is mentally if you desire to do it, setting the situation up in a way that turns you on. When I'm going to give my husband a blow job we aren't just jumping right into giving head. There is still foreplay before hand. I used to be absolutely repulsed by swallowing cum. Literally would gag at the thought. I can easily do it now, but if you can't that is okay. I'm cool with him cumming wherever he wants, ypu can try to establish a plan or boundaries prior and not like immediately prior, but just a general “hey next time I give you a blow job I'm taking my shirt off and I want you to paint my tits” or give him a heads up on what you want. I know you might have people that tell you if you don't want to give him a blow job you don't have to. Totally 100% true. But from what it sounds like you have more than enough desire and you want to do it, you're just trying to learn how to enjoy it yourself. You can also try initating after his shower if that helps with the smell factor.

  11. This will not give you any indication of whether “they're out there” or not. Someone not being willing to connect with you when you are in a messy ass scenario like this has absolutely no bearing on whether or not you'll be able to find a relationship once you're in a better spot. You'll only know what's actually out there when you are in an appropriate place to pursue a relationship.

  12. I mean not to start somethin’ but he did ask for advice with regard to the insecurity surrounding sex toys. He just also brought up the double standards around sex toys . 🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe I’m too lax but if a thread is doing well and no-one is being inappropriate I don’t think they should be removed ~ mods could just tag a more relevant sub when applicable. But that’s just me, it’s not my decision obviously since I am not a mod, just my two cents on the matter.

  13. Generally speaking, women who are that much older might have sex with younger men, but won't view them as great serious partners. However, there are exceptions to everything.

  14. 10/15 minutes is the record time… it’s usually even less. Okay, it seems like edging is what everyone recommends. Now I wonder if there’s any trick to practice that without risking to lose the erection. Maybe he could try masturbate in the meanwhile?

  15. Right? Like, I don’t even want to come back at him after seeing that shit. I just wanna send him, like, a hot cocoa. (But, y’know, not the powder mix…)

  16. CONTEXT: I work in a sex shop and get this question regularly. Either way, you need to prepare for a lot of cleanup! If you want to be safest, my best advice is to get a lot of silicone lubricant and use it that way. You and your partner will need to shower after this. Silicone lubricant doesn't dry up the way that water based lubricant does, so it will work as a massage oil. You should get a jelly formula, as it'll go further. If you want to be riskier, go for coconut oil. It does work, but if your partner is sensitive it is 100% incompatible. The problem with any kind of oil is that it coats everything and if you don't wash it off, bacteria will grow. Cleanup is paramount when it comes to oil, and you can only use pure coconut oil, or the additives will likely irritate her or give her an infection. Lastly, you can use something like this, which is marketed as multi-use. The only issue with it is that it's water based, and, in my experience, will dry up somewhat quickly.

  17. I agree, whole heartedly. However, from what I’ve seen from just Yesterdays posts there’s several women who literally have to keep a log or tell their partner every single time they masturbate. Not for reasons to turn each other on. Not for reasons for healthy communication. Purely for control. Because that man is unsure of his own masculinity, and his ability to fuck, and he’s rubbing those insecurities on someone who absolutely doesn’t deserve them. When it’s some thing you both want to do and it makes you feel good that’s great. If it’s someone controlling what you do to your own body, that’s beyond sickening. From what I’ve heard from the last three post, it has been women, who have boyfriends who are jealous or angry because masturbated, it’s all about control, It’s immature, it’s stupid it’s ignorant. It’s an uneducated, and I have no sympathy whatsoever for said man. His low self-esteem, his insecurities are not your problem don’t care the wrath of them.

  18. Yeah, plenty of women are into that, sharing your likes and dislikes in the bedroom is super important. I'd hate it, I can't put into words how uncomfortable it would make me, but I've seen plenty commments from this sub from women who enjoy it! If your partner likes it, you're good and enjoy!

  19. Ya I was hoping to avoid that, with us still living together, but its seeming like finding someone else isnthe better idea

  20. yeah, its probably from the porn thing in general. So sad. He was probably barely on the bubble prior to the pregnancy. He may or may not have a preferred type , but chronically jacking it a certain way (his hand, his grip, etc), to visual stimulus, will likely wire his brain a certain way. How long has this been since after the birth time wise? (in months). I've heard some stuff on woman, and/or the baby emitting pheromones, or even possibly the noise of the baby crying raising a man prolactin/estrogen levels….. OR theres indirect reasons for that.

  21. How did I forget Think Twice? ‘I’ve got the Monday morning blues, and oh my god I’ve got the horn for you’ is one of my favourite lyrics

  22. Please tell a trusted adult. A parent, relative or friend. Then you can have their help through the process of filing charges if that’s what you choose to do.

  23. You are gong to have to figure out how to keep your screams and crying soft enough to avoid having it heard by your neighbors. It might make sense to start a conversation with your boyfriend about how to address this issue. Good luck. And be safe.

  24. Like of course she could be really sad, and being into sex like that is a sign she likes you. But it doesn't necessarily mean anything and certainly not that she's in love with you or anything you need to worry about.

  25. Careful with the whipped cream. Vaginas have a very sensitive ph system. Drink pineapple juice, take a shower prior to intimacy and wash with soap specifically for vaginas. The pineapple juice will help you and him taste sweeter. Happy humping!

  26. Exactly, as long as it is not said in the wrong context, everything is fine. I enjoyed myself to an idea, the other party stays blissfully ignorant. ​ If my boyfriend tells me about that, Im turned on. Sooo yeah, context

  27. So you told them what exactly when communicating? You want rough sex? Deep throat? Or something more kinky? Just “use me” type sex? “Say anything you want in bed” type sex? Did you say all of that?


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