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  1. At this point, prayer is probably your only option here. You rolled the dice and you just have to wait and see what happens.

  2. This is a good point. In my experience, “no” can often mean “I don't want to escalate things right now” but if you remain engaged and relaxed about keeping things at whatever level of intensity they are comfortable with, then they very often escalate things or make a clear invitation to once they're comfortable. My wife still does that and I've been with her 15 years, so it never stops mattering. Though you also need to be able to tell when “no” means “go away” and you need to shut the whole thing down and leave. That's less likely to be the case with someone you know well, but still, it happens.

  3. If your husband doesn’t listen to you I’m not really sure what you expect random Redditors to do. He doesn’t care.

  4. thank you, also forgot to mention i did not cum the whole day even during messing around with my gf. And as far as a doctor it is hard since her parents dont want her involved sexually even romantically with anyone but will keep this in mind.

  5. That is normal. Nobody is good at sex the first time. As you gain more experience you will naturally relax more and learn how to do things. Be patient with yourself. Sex is like any new activity, it takes a while to get comfortable.

  6. Idk why you're assuming we are from the same place. It's not winter here. And as I've said before, he's always been clean, this is a sudden thing, why would he have a reaction to my shampoo (I don't even use shampoo) now, after all this time. I haven't seen him for a month and this is what I noticed when I finally did, so this definitely has nothing to do with me. Not giving him head does not solve the problem. I love him, and I want to kindly help, hence I came here to find the best approach.

  7. Some people get aroused by being an exhibitionist. If she does and your good with that your sex life might benefit from such experiences. If you are not and she does like it, then you two will need to come to some type of agreement on what goes and what doesn’t. If you can’t agree then the future is uncertain. If you do agree I would caution her to be discreet to avoid getting into trouble. Some guy in the parking lot getting a peek of her is one thing, but a younger person or someone who’s offended would not be appropriate.

  8. Unpopular opinion, but I think catching feelings for a FWB is totally normal. You are engaging in the most intimate act, and hormones are involved. To not have any feelings would be sociopathic imo. It can be more of an erotic feeling though, not a feeling of “I want to get married and spend the rest of my life with you.” I go all out during sex with my fwb, with kissing, hand-holding, eye contact, etc. It seems odd that kissing is considered too intimate, but penis-in-vagina isn't? It is just about doing what feels good and maximizing pleasure.

  9. Technically you lost your virginity to your toys – which is what most women are not on a religious trip like yours are actually afraid and embarrassed about instead. Heh. Forget it – you had a good time. But… a marriage can provide you with infinitely more happiness than hookups. Even a bf…

  10. This is called a piece of shit BF. Life lesson: if your SO doesn’t respect you in the bed, in the kitchen, in the car – fucking anywhere – they aren’t the one. No man that truly loves his SO would EVER do something like this. They would ask if it’s ok to even touch out while you’re doing that. They would find out what you are and aren’t ok with. Why? BECAUSE THEY FUCKING CARE MORE ABOUT YOU THAN BUSTING A NUT! So please I beg of you – know your worth and do not settle for shitheads like this. You are not a sex object out on earth to have dicks shoved in holes. You are person. A person that deserves love and respect. You have been SA in your past. He knows about this. Any real man would make sure you are so comfortable with anything going on that you might have yell shut up to him. And that’s ok because that guy is more concerned about not hurting you than getting his rocks off. That’s the guy you want. That’s the dude you need. Know your worth and don’t settle for less!

  11. For me I'm rarely not in the mood, but if I wasn't I could be worked up to it with good foreplay. On those rare days, like if I'm sick, I'm happy to take my top off and he can cum on my breasts. I find something like that means zero effort from me, which I'm unable to give anyway, and yet he still feels like I'm participating. Plus I get a warm washcloth cleaning me up after, which is a very nice feeling. You might be able to find something like that which works? You'll need to talk about it to figure out what she likes/doesn't like. Also just make sure you are coming from a place of love and affection when talking to her – that you want to be with her however you can because you love her and that's always a better feeling than being alone ❤️


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