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  1. Sure but is it bad that I don’t want her in any type of romantic way? She’s one of my best friends I don’t want to lose her because of a little sexual gratification

  2. Thank you for your response! I’m able to feel sensation during the actual act, it’s just the putting in part that’s always slightly uncomfortable, after that, I’m good with thrusting and it feels good. I just was confused on if the insertion part felt uncomfortable for all women lol

  3. From what I’ve experienced, and read. Probably MOST woman dont cum from PIV. Plenty of woman can finish during sex but often it’s from clit stimulation on your pubic bone. Size isn’t the issue. My wife can generally only finish with PIV while she’s on top and is grinding her clit on my body.

  4. Lol I’m in a great relationship with an awesome guy and it’s the best sex of my life. I like men. I don’t hate men. I just hate men who come on here with this attitude that women are all a bunch of liars. He’s saying he thinks women hate sex and don’t find men attractive. I’m just saying if that was true, wouldn’t it then be logical for us to just… not be with men? If we hate sex and don’t find men physically attractive then why would so many of us persist in being with men??

  5. Sorry to hear! I’m glad that nair worked out for you though 😊. I’m too scared to try but I might get some and do a patch test (NOT for my partner- only for myself) but I haven’t fully decided yet. I like your username, btw. It made me chuckle.

  6. So, I'm a mom. I'd just be worried about your safety. I don't need or want details, just a simple “Hey mom, I'm safe, what you saw was consensual” should suffice. Do you owe her an explanation? No. But just because you don't owe it to her doesn't mean it's not a good idea. We worry about our kids, always. You becoming an adult doesn't suddenly turn that off. And as someone who was your age once – I definitely had some awkward moments with my parents over the years where I had to explain “no, really, those bruises are not from abuse ….” Lol.

  7. No problem. I recommend the 1966 classic The Social Construction of Reality. By Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman. Explains it better.

  8. Yeah that’s a valid point. I think as long as it stays what it CURRENTLY is (and doesn’t go back to past situation), then I’m more than fine with it, even if it doesn’t improve further. I feel my needs are being met, especially emotionally. 🙂 he is very supportive and kind

  9. I would tell him but I wouldn’t be nice. I don’t like being slapped but I would tell him shot like that needs to be talked about and he needs consent for that shit. I definitely wouldn’t sleep with him again but i would tell him most women won’t give oral if the man doesn’t. I don’t.

  10. For some reason your just now going through what most teenagers do during puberty, it's nothing to worry about I would say. I'd suggest not doing it with your ex, that might make it unnecessary complicated/not enjoyable. Rather look for a guy that you find attractive, but where you are certain he is a sweet guy that cares about your pleasure and not the macho type. You probably shouldn't try to get everything during your first time, get some good vanilla sex with a nice person and later you can try out all the hardcore/kink stuff you want.

  11. Sorry to be terse. But grow up. You need to be direct with your desires and also considerate of her time and her desires in said relationship. The label you both could have accepted for this relationship should of possibly occurred on the second date/meeting you both had together. If it’s not working out for you just cut ties and move on.

  12. Why does she expect you to figure out what she likes, why doesn't she figure it out herself? If you're enjoying it then have fun experimenting, but don't let her get mad that you did something she didn't like, when she doesn't explore herself.


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