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  1. Here are a few ideas: you pick which panties she wears each day, including days with no panties you select the color of her nail polish require high heels at home when alone together require corner time where she has to kneel naked in a corner edge her some mornings before work and do not let her cum

  2. If it's his bi discovery that bothers you, I find it regrettable, would suggest you review your attitude, but ultimately it's up to you if “100% straight” is part of your must have expectations. If it's cheating part, sure, your trust has been damaged. It's not beyond recovery though, depends how you each handle it, how you feel about relationship otherwise and such. Some have recovered, others didn't even try.

  3. You literally said hours in the comment I replied to. Anyway. It sounds like your current partner has his own issues, but many men have trouble lasting very long with penetrative sex. Five minutes of penetration at a time is pretty normal in my experience. You could certainly spend more time having sex including foreplay, different non-piv positions, taking breaks, etc. if both of you are interested and willing. But you will be disappointed if you expect your partner to pound you to orgasm every time because most men just aren't capable. I say this because I dated a woman who only orgasmed from piv, and I could rarely last as long as she needed to feel satisfied. She didn't want to use toys for penetration either. So it turns out we were just sexually incompatible.

  4. To you though, it seems you’re saying intimacy requires sex every time (for you). That is access inside you or someone else’s body. Are you’re literally saying that you can’t lay naked with a partner without expecting them to stick their body parts inside your body at some point during that time? You require it and expect it from them, or you will dumb them. Must it always lead to sex every single time for you? Like just once in a while they want to just cuddle close, have some deep conversations, then go to sleep and don’t end up having sex with you that moment, you’re done with them? I’m genuinely just asking out of curiosity…I don’t mean this in any bad way. It’s just sounding like you apparently can’t accept actual intimacy in any other form than some sort of bodily penetration. I just personally find that kind of sad, because all those other things can be so beautiful too… I love cuddling naked close to my partner to sleep..he’s so warm.. We don’t always have sex when this happens, we just sleep embracing each other. It’s so nice, comforting, and intimate. But whatever floats your boat.


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