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  1. This post breaks rule 5 and has been removed. Posts should seek specific, actionable advice about your personal sex life.

  2. But the recent boyfriend could’ve also realised what they were and it carried on watching. He did choose to watch them all by the looks of things 😕

  3. Turn your ex in to the police, they take this very seriously. My friend who is a police officer brought a guy up on charges for posting a picture of his exes chest without her consent. You need to keep this guy from ruining your next relationship and the next one and the one after that.

  4. Exactly this. Just this one paragraph makes a lot of sense as to why he's been off put by the videos, and why the sexual balance has changed. You should go see a lawyer. That's the least and the most you can do I guess.

  5. I highly recommend finding a sex therapist. My friend recently started going to one with her boyfriend after insecurities snuck into their sex life and she said it helped immensely! Seriously consider doing this because I think it might be the only healthy way to save your sex life right now.

  6. You’re going to find some men prefer the weight and others may not. Everyone has different tastes. I happen to enjoy a little extra weight packed on.


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