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  1. For some reason society has made sex talk taboo so it's uncomfortable. I think if we were all more open about sex it would improve everyone's lives. How many people are being abused because they haven't talked about their sex life with anyone and nobody has been able to tell them what they're experiencing isn't normal? How many things could you learn from others and try out to possibly love? Think of it like talking about money. It's taboo as well, but nobody would know if there's wage disparity within the same departments if nobody talks about how much they make.

  2. I am 28F and I did go through what u r experiencing! I was in a serious relation for 6 years and the sex was soooo amazing ! When I got out of my relation(6 months back), the first thing I missed was sex…I won't lie but it was hard to get over the sex part. But the best part is, now you get to explore….both sexually, mentally !I hooke up randomly but that didn't work for me eventhough the sex was great. I am right now seeing this guy for 1 month, he is not that great in bed because he is not experienced(but quick learner) but a sweetheart. At first I was missing out that wild sex I used to have but now I think I am okay with it, given I am getting mental peace (which I never had in my past relation because it was abusive ) and we both are into exploring new territories when it comes to bed( which again never happened with my ex). So, either u can keep missing or u can go out there and explore, have fun till u find that compatibility ,both mentally and physically ! It's worth it !

  3. Honestly tell your mom you are having trouble with tampons and not being able to even get them inside. You have read that there are a few conditions that can cause this in women. An Obgyn is one way of doing it, or you can go to your normal doctor too. But the normal doctor is the jack of all trades, so not a specialist on female reproductive system (and believe you me it is a complex system!). If you are 18, you can book the appointment yourself (dont qoute me on that as i am not in the States.)

  4. My partner is just like this. (33M)He has sensitivity issues. Like he’s extremely sensitive but we stop a lot for him to re-gather. But he’ll be rock hard and go soft during foreplay. I think it’s just ED and I accept it and we work around it. I don’t think it’s you or anything! It probably bothers him more than you tbh.

  5. It's almost like we are not meant to have sex in this position. You don't say. Stop having sex in that position. Your partner should not be screaming in pain, and you should not be trying to get her to like something that makes her hurt this much.

  6. You’re exhausting because you’re a lil princess bitch who thinks it’s all about her when someone else’s bodily organ is functioning just fine but not up to your standards.

  7. Ask your practitioner for blood work specific to hormones. Best to find a place that specializes in HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

  8. sex is supposed to be fun and fulfilling for BOTH partners. if foreplay turns him off, if PLEASING YOU turns him off, thats a huge red flag. you deserve better. you should not feel ashamed of or hide your kinks bc someone else doesnt want to take the time to explore them with you. kinks are fun and fun to explore w a caring partner. im sorry that you're dealing with this. remember that sexual compatibility is important in many many relationships and that if you aren't compatible with him and if hes not willing to put the effort in for you, its okay to find someone else who will. don't feel obligated to stay even if the emotional connection is there (which im guessing its not if he cant even care about you during sex)

  9. Well I hope that next time you will make sure to educate the OP that they are using the wrong terms to describe their own body and activities.

  10. I guess ideally I'd like to meet up with a guy and see how I feel and have sex with him depending on whether I wanted to in the moment/if it feels right. I feel like this is just describing dating.

  11. To me personally, I love it when he finishes in my mouth (I find it very sexy), but I don't like the taste that much and sometimes I end up making funny faces when I swallow. Maybe something similar happens to her?

  12. As a hip fucker myself lol it’s hard on your knees. I wish I had known about the feet option many years ago, it’s so much easier.

  13. Forsure I honestly only planned on one occasion like I said having sex isn’t the main concern. This is one way I can find a girl exactly who I want (hopefully) in my case is a slightly older woman with thick subtle curves. At 700~ you sorta get all above. I’m not opposed to getting a straight massage but it’s likely a one time occurrence.

  14. Not trying to be rude here, but I had to take a look in your history for more info. I see you’re in treatment for ptsd. Often times it takes several years of psychiatry and psychology treatment to see results. With that in mind, don’t you think it’s at least possible that the side effect you’re talking about could be caused by the ptsd treatment itself and not a specific drug?

  15. I have a spot on my frenulum there that can definitely get over stimulated. I had to stop a couple partners because it felt like lightning coursing through body with my dick being the lightning rod lol.

  16. Phones these days are encrypted. Unless you have government level decryption tools, you'll do absolutely nothing with a stolen phone that has anything but the most basic password

  17. I try not to pay kind to it. If only I was gay lol, because it would make finding someone a lot easier if I was attracted. Tbh I want to cut him off. I’m only worried he would do something stupid like off himself if I did so.

  18. No means no. If I wanted him to make a dive, I wouldn’t say no but it won’t be an enthusiastic yes either. An enthusiastic yes is a yes.

  19. stop trying to put this on him being a boy or turning into a shitty man. Clarification – boy and shitty man are characteristics of persisting in asking why she's not wanting sex. If a girl/woman says no to sex, that's it. The answer is no. You don't continue to persist and push and poke and prod. You accept that as the answer, and move on. Maybe she'll want sex later. Maybe she won't. But a shitty person will persist. I hope that clarifies.

  20. i’m a student so i have no money to go private or to go abroad. it’s very expensive. and if i change doctors i will get treated the same because of the underfunding

  21. Exactly this 💯. I rather have multiple orgasms with an average or below average size penis than a big one that makes me feel full. Nothing against a bigger penis BUT the men who did have bigger penises didn't know how to use them and thought that a big penis was all it took. They were selfish and just no.

  22. I agree, no one is required to like any sex act, however, on the flip side, she seems to want to receive head. And so now we have a couple who appear sexually incompatible (in that regard). She'll have to decide if she can live without it or not.

  23. It would be hard to determine what caused her decline in libido without her telling you specifically. There are many reasons for a woman to lose sexual appetite. But as a man that is in a dead bedroom, I will say the most I had sex was when my wife wanted a child. Once we had the children she wanted, it was back to duty sex. So be careful. I would think hard before having kids and make sure your relationship is in a good place.

  24. Wait till you dropped of the kids at daycare/school and take a day off… You‘ll have your place all for yourselves and can be as loud as you wanna be. At least on some occasions…

  25. I had sex with a man who absolutely couldn't get hard the entire time. He ejaculated. It was a ONS, I never got details and just rolled with it.

  26. Any tips you'd suggest? Because it's my biggest fear: inadvertently hiring an incompetent babysitter that puts my kids in harms' way.


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