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  1. Be patient with yourself!! Focus on the moment and enjoy it!! That's the biggest trigger is that you need to tell your self that it's ok to enjoy that!

  2. Hello fellow 80s baby that was also well ahead of the ass eating craze! So nice to meet you! There are literally dozens of us.

  3. I really rarely feel it either, and tbh I’m glad there’s a few of us here like that. I felt broken for ages for not feeling it, like I was expected to just magically know when I wasn’t feeling anything and there was no visual indication. I’m very glad that I learned from the online community that I’m not alone in this, am not broken (beyond my muscles contracting more/ tighter than normal but not painfully so, still probably should look into pelvic floor PT once all the other medical fires are under control) and am so glad my partner doesn’t put me down or make me feel bad or insecure for literally anything about me ♥️

  4. There is a truism that says great sex won't keep a bad relationship together but bad sex can break a good relationship something like that….

  5. It happens, after a night of drinking I was going down on a guy and he fell asleep, had to finish myself that night, let the fingers do the walking

  6. Condoms are too expensive?? Man, that's a cheap hustle. I don't think he's ever calculated child support for 18yrs

  7. What he's talking about is pimping. Your boyfriend wants to be your digital pimp. He sounds like a bad guy. He doesn't own you. Get out.


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