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  1. Can confirm, my first two times I had anal sex with my ex wife, I got UTIs. The doctor swore up and down it was an STI and proceeded to stick a very painful cotton swab up my dick hole to test. Both times they were UTIs and felt like someone was pulling 3 pronged fish hooks through my dick. Peeing after sex did nothing to help, so I don't ever have unprotected anal anymore.

  2. Yeah sounds like he has less regard for you being in school, law school at that. And he can only think about getting his d*ck wet. Like he should be more supportive and understanding if his your partner

  3. The way he did it was definitely rude. I'd dump him. That being said, I often suck my husband off while he's doing day to day things to playfully distract him and I think it's fun. If he's texting or playing video games, my mouth finds it's way to his cock and I don't expect him to stop doing what he's doing. It's enjoyable. ♥️

  4. Every man is different. Me and my wife are not into anal at all. But she is one who love sucking my ball and licking around the base of my cock. I think the best is when we get done fucking and there is still cum on my cock and ball she will spend a lot of time sucking then and licking. She said there is no better taste of a man then a wet soft sticky limp cock with cum and pussy juice on it.

  5. Maybe. Or she got more comfortable and is now more relaxed and wetter, feeling looser. Let's assume he's ignorant about this fact because sex education is broadly lacking and not spewing redpill myths on purpose (not you, but lots of others are implying or stating this).

  6. We are the same age and I have the same fantasy as your hubby. I think a good step is going on a getaway out of town and having you flirt with guys while he watches at a distance. See how that goes and if you both are comfortable then go from there.

  7. I would never agree to a second date after being called a slut and a man hater. Safe to say you dodged a bullet here!

  8. So you’re just supposed to choke someone on the off chance they’re into that shit? Nope, I’m a huge dude, she’s going to have to be extremely clear that she is consenting to rough activity before I engage in it. I don’t read women’s minds.

  9. Yeah, they're great tools to use and make things so much more fun. Its not cheating or challenging your masculinity to use a ladder to change a light bulb

  10. This is something you will look back on and say “WHY DID I EVER ALLOW SOME MAN TO TALK ME INTO THAT?!!!” Please don’t do it.

  11. His ex was “crazy, abusive, would hit him, threatened to kill herself and cheated on him.” I really don't think it makes sense to tell your boyfriend you are jealous of this lunatic.

  12. My friends boyfriend gave her chlamydia and there genuinely was no cheating — he just didn’t get tested and had no idea. Technically, it’s possible, but not the first assumption

  13. I'm sorry to play Devil's advocate, but something isn't right here? If I was yourself I would sit him down and have a real conversation about his expectations when you are married. Ask him specifically how many times a week does he imagine having it? Then start ask to more specific questions like what will turn him on? Is it teasing, lingerie, sexting, certain kinks etc? However, I'm sorry to say after re-reading your post. I think you already know the answer.


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