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  1. “too good to be true” do u hear yourself? this is a serious situation thats happened to me. i don't appreciate people doubting it. would you be saying the same thing if the genders were reversed???

  2. I guess there’s no recipe to this. We all find what works. I wonder how many people try poly relationships and alternative lifestyles like that due to letdown from from past exclusive relationships? Not saying this is you. It’s something I’ve thought about. People giving up on the idea of a true love how they envisioned it due to having shit partners so they enter into alternative lifestyles just to be let down again. Maybe not being able to help but to develop feelings and jealousy just the same in this new style of relationship

  3. I actually always leave some hair there kind of like a landing strip but a little triangle, because I absolutely hate how childish and baby-like it looks without any hair at all. So I get it!!!

  4. Take up running. Tones you up, you get to wear tight shorts that show off your arse and you’re out and about alone .😈

  5. Takes a moment for her vagina to be engorged with blood in order to fully experience pleasure. Mixture of shallow and deep penetration works great starting out then missionary with her legs in the air and your arms under her knees with consistent motion slapping your pelvis against her vulva, labia, and clitoris.

  6. Yes it can Hurt they Need to Get You Aroused 1st or Use Lube or Ask him to Give your Oral Pleasure and 69

  7. I like sex to be dirty honestly.. so yes, rubbing vaginal fluid on someone can be hot. I'd say the best places are nipples since they often love some attention but lack the fluids themselves..

  8. As a guy a lot of men do care about a womans body count, Id never marry a woman with a high body count or a woman who is bisexual. I wouldnt shame a woman for having a high body count but im turned off by it


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