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  1. Yes, they were aware of what I wanted because I always brought it up… with one it actually worked really well because he was curious to try, but with the others… 🥲 one of them even considered it funny, the other was absolutely not into it and so on.

  2. Flexion and extension of your forearms , wrist curls and reverse wrist curls roll the weight down to your fingertips. And grip work

  3. be there for him don't let him just deal with it alone, that's not right. bring it up and be honest he prob would get over faster than you think if you did

  4. Wow that sounds super tough. My active sex life with partners (in my teens and early 20s) was in the 90s-early 2000s, in the US mainly, and I don't remember things being like that in opposite-sex encounters. I had partners that identified as men, women, and transitioning/nonbinary. For sure there were stereotypes about aggressiveness vs passivity in men's and women's sexuality as part of gender expectations/stereotypes, but I don't think it was that pervasive as you describe. And in my time I think BDSM was more stigmatized. So for various reasons that kind of pronounced, gendered power dynamic was not the expected norm in the circles I was in (to be fair, a lot of these were pretty queer circles). Which was awesome for me because although one aspect of how I experienced sexual encounters was as power exchanges, I absolutely did NOT conceptualize them as an equation of domination and submission between partners. And although I am someone who is gendered as female and comfortable with that, little is less sexually appealing to me than scenarios involving a male-identified person “dominating” others.

  5. in my experience of sucking both, the basics are very much the same. depending on how big/loose his foreskin is when he's erect you may want to (GENTLY) ease it down so you can get direct access to the head. the foreskin itself is sensitive, but provides extra movement so you may need less spit. but dick is dick, really – pay attention to his body language and noises and avoid the use of teeth and you'll be off to a good start

  6. So there’s general answers regarding societal standards and how you’re raised etc etc But specific to cuckoldry, it’s biological for most men. If another man sleeps with your wife and becomes pregnant, you can’t be certain you’re the father- especially evolutionarily speaking. And so we have a biologically ingrained “disgust” response to the idea (literally it’s the same part of the brain that reacts to, that also reacts to bad smells and bad tastes etc) It’s a survival mechanism- if you think about evolution from the standpoint of objectives, it’s to maximise the likelihood of your own genes surviving to another generation With that in mind, one of the biggest failures you could make, would be to raise another persons child, thinking they’re yours- because you waste time, resources, and opportunity to aid someone else’s genetics survive and thrive

  7. Stress is a somewhat separate issue. While I will grant that sex is a great way to relieve stress there are lots of other really good ways too. On the cancer thing I had never heard anything connecting testicular cancer would not exactly enough, I had always heard that it was prostate cancer. And while it's a link and an increase in risk, it's a very small one

  8. You ask this like “guys” are one single model of microwave. ASK HIM what HE likes. You will be shocked to find that if varies between men.

  9. I swear, it's weird for people, and girls don't like me, because I'm too kind and i be soft not like the men they like (toxic masculinity) and I'm single, it's hard to be in a relationship, girls don't find me attractive, and I'm also a virgin, plus I'm shy, and introverted, you know what i mean?

  10. Remember the anus is not like a vagina….it stretches slowly so he cannot it it like a vagina. Be sure to clean your bowels so you do not get a blood infection. You may both enjoy it. It is just ok, I much prefer the vagina.

  11. You’ve never met the guy but have zero issue with having sex… but are too shy to ask to stay over? I feel like that’s part of the convo, just talk to him.

  12. Maybe try to talk to your therapist to help see if you can isolate any specific triggers other than the broader idea of having sex. Like if one of you has been drinking beforehand are you more likely to trigger, or if the lights are off is that more likely to trigger it, etc. Then try to limit potential triggers and go slowly maybe start with foreplay a few times until it’s comfortable, then work up to oral, and so on. Just talk to your husband and make it clear that you really want to try, but know it might trigger you and that makes you nervous. I’m sure he’d be thrilled you’re willing to try and would be there for you every time it doesn’t go to plan and when it does. You have to try to cut down on stress beforehand or it’s going to be really easy to get triggered during because you’re already panicking about getting into a panic. If you live in a marijuana+ state maybe try a cbd tincture to help relax yourself a bit to make it easier the first few times.

  13. Thisssss. I have come across this couple times which is crazy but I don’t mind the sweat or little bit of musty smell.


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