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  1. I'd mention it solely on the fact that you might be uncomfortable the first time and would not want to project that on to him and his doings.

  2. The biggest difference between men and women giving oral sex is that one is pathologized and demonized while the other is treated as a personal choice. This is not by happenstance, but rather the result of militant political activism which is not interested in fair treatment or understanding reality, but rather in attacking those they hate.

  3. As a man who has been using, what I believe, to be the right fitting condoms on and off for over 25 I've never experienced one breaking as far as I know. Of course it must happen. Ironically the only time my partner got pregnant was when birth control pills were being used. Your health (physical and mental) is all important and you should never feel guilty about protecting it. It sounds like you have a supportive partner. Take comfort in that fact.

  4. If he has rapidly declining health, getting himself hygenic might be a real pain in the ass. It might take SERIOUS effort. Therefore, spontaneous BJ when he's deeply ashamed of not having taken the two or more hours to get himself sparkling clean could ruin it for both of them. This is obviously a unique situation, think outside of guy-in-jeans-on-couch.

  5. Yeah that situation was a bit of him being way to deep in thought about how our relationship changed m, he's always been like that where as I kinda just went with the flow and then assumed he used me

  6. Tbh this is your decision. However many men like when their partner swallows. As a man my reasoning is not that i want submission or control or sort of turn on or fetish, it is simply because i find it to feel better. When I'm about to go off the sudden change from mouth to hand changes the sensation that I was enjoying changes and sort of becomes less intense. Also even if kept in mouth there is a noticeable difference in changing what was being done or in the pace, to hold it all in while not swallowing or spilling. Just my 2 cents as a penis owner. But ultimately it's your choice and what you are willing/want to do.

  7. Is it an open relationship or not? It isn't equal, because if it were you would only be allowed to sleep with men, or she should be able to sleep with other men. Maybe you aren't emotionally intelligent enough for poly.

  8. Give it time. Keep the communication open. If you where the 1st person to suggest for it not to happen again he may of just agreed but might not if wanted to or think he was not good in bed etc.

  9. We do from time to time. She gets embarrassed about it and wants to stop after a bit. I’d try it again absolutely though.

  10. Let's just say that your worst fear is actualized, and it is chlamydia. Chlamydia is easily treatable with an antibiotic. Symptoms of chlamydia can sometimes arise long after it has been contracted. So, it's possible that you or your partner became infected prior to your monogamous relationship. You definitely have something amiss, and I'm sorry that you are in pain. Freaking out will not ease your situation. Go ahead and see a doctor. In the meantime, remember that many vaginal infections are treatable and preventable.

  11. I got my nexplanon out of my arm five days ago and my bf used the pull out method with me last night. i asked him several times if he’s absolutely sure he pulled out and he swears to me up and down he did. im in college so i cant afford plan b. i just need some reassurance


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