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  1. Best thing you can do is be gentle to yourself. It's ok to be 25 and a virgin. It's ok to want sex. It's ok to wait untill you've found the right partner. I get that you might just want to try sex and you want to try it now. And that's also fine. A couple of tips; 1) try to be aware of what it is you want. Is this about sex? Intimacy? Love? Excitement? Experimentation? A mix of these things? Other things? 2) kinda going on on point 1. figure out your limits beforehand. Do you want it to be with someone you love? Or do you not care about that? Are you ok with it being a one night stand or not… That kinda stuff. I'm not saying one is better than the other, just don't let your eagerness push you over boundaries you might regret crossing later on in life. Hell, maby you'd be happy just going to a sex worker. That's fine. Just be aware of what you need. If you want intimacy, odds are you're not going to find that with a sex worker. 3) stay safe. Wherever your boundaries end up being, make sure you go with someone that'll respect them. If you end up going to their place, make sure someone knows your there. There's quite a few guides about these things online. Read them. 4) avoid fucking colleagues. Drama lies that way 5) try making friends first. Not only do you now potentially have someone to talk about sex with, lol. But trough friend of friends (of friends of friends) you might meet someone interesting. 6) go to events. Bars/clubs/boardgame meets. Whatever floats your boat. Try to talk to people, and try to not see them as potential partners. Just get to know them and see where it ends up. 7) try a dating app. Or several. Every app has its own community. One might suit you better than the other. 8) take your time. I know this might be hard. But just try to have fun in the process of dating and flirting. Having fun being yourself is one of the most attractive things anyway.

  2. What he/she/they said! 7 year age difference at such a young age is a red flag and probably a big power imbalance in a relationship

  3. Thinking and putting things in action is something different. The human being is curious by nature, but morals and values are what makes us different. If you have the moral standard of not cheating it's commendable. When things are not right, the normal consequence is to think about “What If Scenarios”. Trying to solving your problems, communicating properly, listening and giving logic and considered opinions and ultimately coming to a conclusion will make those thoughts disappear or lead you to your next step. Everyone can get better at sex, but communication is the way to solve all problems, specially between people who love eachother.


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