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  1. I mean who cares what they think or if they know what it is? If Adam and eve sent me a dildo in clear saran wrap I would find it hilarious to imagine the mailman's face

  2. This is awesome advice. It will build up each of your confidences about being able to please the other, and when you go onto penetration, there will be less pressure. Also, bodies are awesome. It's great if you can embrace your full body as you start having sex, instead of focusing on genitalia only and learning to involve the rest of the body later. Any sex act is sex, not just penis in vagina.

  3. They do exist! After a long while of my partner and I being in a bit of a dead bedroom, we had a lot of stress for many reasons, we have finally worked out how to just let go and be happy in bed and his favourite thing is making me orgasm, as many times as he can in as many ways as he can. We just love each others bodies and I love making him feel amazing. We've been together 16yrs with 1 child and our bedroom couldn't be kinder and more loving and sensual. He's never been a “selfish” lover though he was just never able to communicate what he wanted etc.


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