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  1. This topic is discussed quite often here. Following Forum Rule #2, take a look through the FAQ section on First Time Having Sex. And following Forum Rule #3, also search through past posts in this forum. There’s a lot of good information in those sources. Comments locked.

  2. Ok so first of all; there is nothing wrong with being a virgin. No matter what anyone sais you’re not lame for not having experience. We’ve all been there. Second of all; Communication! Just be honest with her. Listen to her responses. Is she liking this? Ask her and you will know. The whole point is to feel closer to her and have fun. There is no “performance” just relax and go into it slowly if you don’t know how to do it. It’s just you and her. No one is going to judge you. (Also there is never something like “too much lube”!!! It’s there to be used!) Hope it helped 😊


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