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  1. Agreed! It is so sexy. I’m definitely a more take charge personal in my work life, so I love being submissive in bed. More partnership in the relationship.

  2. Thank you for the good idea, I will have to think though how I can make it seem that I didn't just trick her into an embarrassing situation

  3. It's decent advice for first timers worried about it. It's also reflective of a lot of people's ever present concern with anal.

  4. There are things that are discussed as a couple, and if what you talked about has no solution, you don't have to move on, you will always feel frustrated or angry and that will not do you any good in the future, neither you nor to your partner.

  5. Flipping the bean – which is also the name of a mobile food vendor in Launceston, Tasmania. It's deliberately cheeky.

  6. He sounds rather rude and inconsiderate. For someone who has supposedly been with so many women, he should know better than to make comments like that. You deserve better and you're not overreacting. Honestly, I wouldn't waste your time with them.

  7. I just got married three years ago for second time and she doesn’t give head she has twice for like thirty seconds says it’s not her thing she doesn’t like giving oral I could care less I used to not like blow job’s didn’t do a thing for me and my first wife only gave head about once a year when I got her drunk on Tequila but now that I’m older I like getting head now really enjoy a good one but it’s not gonna come from my wife no big deal life goes on buy a stroker sucking machine lol yeah they make them

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  9. Have you seen a ball sack? Whenever I feel bad about my fairy I just think of ball sacks and think I’m thankful I don’t have that between my legs

  10. Since you’re not primarily seeking advice here, please consider posting this in one of r/sex's Daily Sexual Achievement Threads. It would fit really well there. But as Posting Guideline #3 indicates, achievement/appreciation posts like this one get removed from the main forum.

  11. Okay, time out. I'm tired of people saying this in this sub. Once men and women have achieved total social parity, then we can talk about “what if the genders were reversed hmmmmm???” But for now, there are inherent power dynamics linked to gender, and pulling out that question is, nine times out of ten, just a gotcha. If the genders were reversed, we would be recommending something slightly different, most likely. Not because men can't be abused, or because women can't be rapists, but because men and women experience sex and sexual situations differently.

  12. I’d hear myself too much to focus on the sensation to be loud. With penetration there is normally other sound that cover my sound (at least in my head)!

  13. Is there any risk of me passing on to someone else without me ever getting a breakout? Hypothetically could I get it without even knowing (no symptoms)?

  14. The pill is not 99% effectieve though, not even when taken perfectly. All actual methods of birth control (not like the pulling out stuff) are somewhere between 90 and 98% effective I think. Even getting tubes tied isn't a 100% guarantee.

  15. Nice, how would we go about this? Would we get an L shaped ruler with sliders on it and multiply both measureslments?