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  1. Be selfish. She's being selfish if she's cutting you off like that. Ask her if she minds you fulfilling that need with someone else.

  2. Sibling, nope. Significant other, discuss it first lol. Lots of times they aren’t in the mood (too tired etc.) and understand.

  3. I only squirt when I’m massively turned on, my G-spot is being worked just right, and I’m well-hydrated.

  4. Basically zero. Your mouth isn't a kind place. It's filled with enzymes that break things down. The chances of pre-cum with vaginal penetration alone are very low. The chances of precum being transferred from mouth, to mouth, to vagina, is just astronomically low.

  5. i second this. when i used to have a cervix, it was about 6 inches deep (and was painful to touch), but with the right angle to get in the anterior fornix i could take 10 inches after training for it


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