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  1. You won’t know if you’re pregnant until you take another test. At this point, you’d only be 2 weeks pregnant. It’s also highly unlikely to experience pregnancy symptoms this early if you’ve never been pregnant before.

  2. First, anal shouldn’t be painful. Maybe intense, but if it’s painful, there’s not enough lube, you’re not going slow enough, or you’re not relaxed enough. And it definitely shouldn’t be so painful that others can hear that you’re in pain (unless pain is your thing, but it doesn’t sound like it is). As for your son, I’d have an honest conversation that you will respect his wishes but also discussing the importance of knocking first and waiting for a response. I know you say you won’t just stop having sex because they’re home, but you also have to be respectful that your children are other people in your home. Just like (I’d assume) you would not want to hear a guest in your home having sex, others in your home probably don’t want to hear you either. Maybe a white noise machine next to your (locked) door to help buffer the noise? Also it sounds like your son is at an age that he can have an actual sex talk. And right now his only experience with “encountering” sex is that it sounds painful. Also don’t put it on him that HE has to deal with hearing you having painful sex or else you’ll be stressed. Because it sounds like having to hear you causes HIM stress.

  3. The problem with what he said is that a lot of women on here tell men that if they did most to all of the house hold work then they'd actually get what they wanted in bed…

  4. Us guys are dumb. You can try some non-verbal communication. Of course tell him first but talk his hand into yours and move them over the parts of your body that you want him to pleasure and hwne he moves them away, move them back till you want him to move. It may show him to slow down a bit. When ready, show him your appreciation for the good work.

  5. Sounds kinda sus and playing devils advocate, he could be in a relationship, he could’ve just wanted a one time moment and hopes in a couple months you’ll be over it or he just rather do that

  6. Your husband might not even realize that what smelled so good was — to be perfectly crude — young pussy that he's never tasted before. Telling him might embarrass him even more than you, especially if he's genuinely loyal to you and takes his marriage vows seriously. However, you might want to take David aside and suggest that he and Molly be more discreet. It's your house, after all.

  7. Yeah sorry, it is hard to explain! So – my hand is close to my face (obviously), and my arm is bent, with the upper half of my arm held against my side. I keep that upper arm pinned to my body – this means as I move my fingers in and out my whole upper body will have to move to keep the arm there. This momentum sorta pushes my face back and forth and then my tongue can sort out the rest. Does that make a bit more sense?

  8. Well I'm sorry but that's also false. Using a toy won't kill your sex drive with another person and it can't desensitize you permanently either.

  9. It seems like it's very full on work, being a successful OF creator. You have to plan content creation, market your content and create a brand, and then your subscribers will expect a certain level of interaction if they're going to stick around. You'll spend a good chunk of time messaging them and doing private shows etc, seems like. It does look like it's very lucrative, but only if you're committed to it and willing to dedicate quite a bit of your time to it. But I've never done it and only read stuff, so I could be wrong.

  10. I’ve never ever understood the whole using blue balls to get sex thing. When I have blue balls it’s the type of pain where I really don’t want anyone touching me. I might actually start snapping if anyones near me.

  11. i don’t want permission to dump him, i wanted solutions…thought maybe somebody had been in a relationship like this before and found a constructive way to work it out but everybody is telling me to dump him lol 😂

  12. Yup this. Be very open about what you want, what he wants, and pretty much anything that you can think of before having sex. I currently have a FWB situation and I was very comfortable with him the first time because we discussed everything and I sort of knew what to expect. With my first boyfriend, we hadn't discussed it much and even tho I knew him longer before doing it, it was kinda uncomfortable. Communication is definitly key.

  13. Oh my god, SO MANY THINGS! Get your thumb on her clit! Kiss her deeply when you’re in her! Tell her you love her (assuming that’s true).

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  15. An extender isn’t the answer. He’s very sensitive about his length. And I think you’re being very sensitive in response to suggestions in the thread as well. If I had to guess – I’d say you’re both very sensitive people so trying to talk about any sensitive subject, much less sex, is like walking through a minefield of emotions.

  16. My petty self would refuse him sex and please my self. If he doesn’t show intrest in making you finish then there’s not a lot that can be done

  17. The fact that he was already willing to say yes and touch you without y’all knowing if his WIFE was ok with it is a huge red flag.

  18. She already said he was too big. So why you thinking that means it's still possible. Some dicks just can't fit cause the girth. The mouth ain't stretchy like a vagina.

  19. This isn't love? Be might be having personal issues and troubles of his own and op doesn't give af nor do you. Men having this problem are told to jerk off, and women's consent matters right ? So op can solve her own issues ?

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