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  1. Does he watch a lot of porn? Speaking from personal experience it can definitely make things more difficult, like porn provides a lot more visual stimulation than actual sex usually does. Stopping watching porn at times has had a dramatic effect on my sex life, even just a week or two of not watching(even continuing to masturbate and have sex at the same rates) makes my erections harder in the bedroom and overall I feel a lot more aroused. I don't know if that's the case for everyone but that's just my experience. I stopped for a while when my wife and I were trying for a baby because of performance issues and didn't really restart until after the pregnancy when her hormones made sex a pretty rare thing for a while and some of those problems came back. Now that she's getting back into it a bit more I've stopped again and am seeing similar benefits and we're both enjoying sex more.

  2. In a comment she said she has talked to him about it but he doesn't take it seriously. And this isn't really a “he has flaws” type situation, what she's describing sounds like coercion, as he pushes her into agreeing even when she doesn't want to, and for women when you have PIV sex and you're not interested, it physically hurts and lead to long lasting feeling of anxiety around sex. To me he seems to value getting off more than he values how she feels.

  3. thank you for this comment. you are helping me understand a bit better how i can look past it. I don’t feel wronged or like i want to get even. She proposed me getting with someone else. i don’t want to even the scales i just wish i could understand how our intimacy can mean the same thing to her as it means to me when she has shared it with someone else. I outright told her i don’t want revenge or to get back at her. She immediately said she knows, “doing it might help you understand”


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