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  1. Hell no there ain’t nothing wrong, heat of the moment that is sexy. Keep up the awesome side of exploring and trying new things.

  2. Yeah, I've been with petite women with the nicest butts when standing, bent over they are like you described, never been turned off ever. Now if its an anorexic looking butt while standing, then probably not so much.

  3. There's a lot more to our love than physical intimacy. While sex is important to me, I am not willing to leave a relationship of 10+ years over something like this. Especially when she's trying her best to meet me half way.

  4. i believe it's the girl, but i can't be sure. i noticed that they were getting helpful replies originally, i was one of them, but now most comments consist of how they're spamming a ton of subreddits. i hope they eventually get the help they need.

  5. He often talks about build-up and stuff;… which is very new to me, cause well another guy I have been more sexual with in the past, was pretty uh quick; as in getting hard, start ramping, very few things can turn him off… my bf is more into having sth like foreplay and lots of things can really easily turn him off (it seems so); he promised he would rethink how to explain his thinking to me… but I also told him, for now, I will just assume this is his style, and has nothing to do with his attraction towards me or our sexual chemistry. It just sounded like he is bored of me already but I guess if that was the case, he would have said differently….

  6. Ask for counseling…either together or separate. Encourage a medical check-up as your gf's hormones may be seriously out of whack. If nothing or no progress in a time frame you consider suitable…give her the ultimatum, she either seeks counseling with you or you're gone. At some point…you may just need to tap out.

  7. have him on hands and knees, and you fuck him from behind, just not pegging, and give him hand job reach under (same position of couple fuck doggy style, just reverse gender)

  8. It could’ve been you, when arosed – penises can let out “pre-cum” to clear the pipe of leftover pee so as to prep the environment for ejaculation

  9. They have to wait with me then Ok…and this is bad because…? What you see as a limitation is, from my POV, a magical power. Most men have refractory periods that take them out completely. Once we come, our libidos flatline, we can't get hard again for hours, shit is a wrap. If all you need is a short break to get back into things? That's amazing by comparison. So I would just tell your partner “if I come, I may need a little bit of time to recover but I can go another round after a break.” Most men would like “oh wow, that's awesome, I lucked out.” Also: if it's just that you don't want your clit touched or penetration anymore, you can still do things with your hands or mouth, right? That's how men handle business if their dicks are done for the night.

  10. Blowjobs are very convenient to give. Eating pussy is a production. I don’t need to be eaten out immediately after blowing him. He can “get me later.” We don’t keep score, but it tends to even put.

  11. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’ll defiantly be more inclined to do this more often if I feel it coming (pun intended lol) 🙂

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  13. Just leave him without him knowing, I used to be with a goth boy but he didn't like me so I ran away at midnight

  14. She didn't pee, she squirted – which sure contains a small amount of urine along with other things, but it also means you gave her one of the best possible orgasms. Squirting orgasms trump all other orgasms.

  15. When I was 20 I wouldn't have agreed with this but now at 32? Definitely. I have way more confidence sexually now than I did then. I can now to have a discussion about sex and be confident in my preferences and decisions without being pressured into anything because I'd feel bad or to avoid making a situation awkward. It's also made me more comfortable trying new things because now I'm not worried about having to 'deal' with something I don't like out of fear of saying something.


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