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  1. Hope you find courage to not put up with him like that. There are better partners out there than someone who would call you names…

  2. Check other brands of condoms, some have different names for the size or just numbers. They do it for the exact reason of your post.

  3. My female partner cums reliably and multiple times per session from oral and it's the way I give her most of her orgasms. It's doable if your technique's good, communicate well and listen to what your partner likes.

  4. I might mention it to him now. Im not sure if that is the case, but I could mention it. Im just not sure if he will think I don't want him to have that fetish. Like its fine with me now but the phrasing is gonna be tricky

  5. So none of us are in the position to know what's going on with your guy, whether he's as serious as he says (or you want him to be) but at this stage, it's best to keep your expectations low-ish. He basically told you that he's of limited availability and he's backing that up through his actions. That may change over time but you'll have to wait and see.


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