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  1. It's just a kink, you literally have no control over what turns you on. I would change the way you think about kinks to something less hostile and more as something where you can explore your own kinks in a safe, healthy way, with a communicative partner who wants to experience new things with you. If your looking for healthy ways to explore this with her, maybe telling her a dirty story where you fuck a stranger in front of her while you guys play with her. Afterwards make sure to provide aftercare, she'll probably cry, let her and comfort her, maybe plan to chill the rest of the day afterwards. I'll bet your sex lives get better if you just embrace each other's kinks in a healthy way, while not walking and stomping on hard limits. Idk, I think it's sweet that your gf was trusting enough to tell you this, you should make sure to help her enjoy it as much as you can, maybe come up with something you'd like to try with her?

  2. Yes, people will lie to avoid conflict if they know that conflict tends to blow up for no good reason. It's not a good habit to get into but it's part of being in a toxic relationship.

  3. Yep. As in she has watched a ton of porn and anyone less than 9 to 12 inches is micro. Only thought I had is did he put on a sleeve or use a dildo?

  4. I already confronted him. He said that i don’t have to worry and that there’s nothing on his phone, he also accused me of thinking that he will show it to other people and told me he would never do that. I think it was his way of confessing taking the picture? He assured me that it’s deleted but I don’t trust him even a bit

  5. As long as he's doing other things to ensure my pleasure, it doesn't have to be oral for me personally. He's got hands, fingers, an imagination, and the world is full of fun toys – I'm not going to throw away a good relationship over one boundary! Everyone is allowed to have boundaries, after all. I might have a discussion with this guy about periods, though.

  6. But I do want to do it, even if I don't like it the same way he does. Demanding more than that feels unreasonable.


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