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  1. The pill is very effective if taken correctly. The high failure rate is due to human error. If you take it every day, at the same time every day, you are fine. If you miss one pill, you can take it up to 24 hours late, just take it as soon as you realize you missed it. I dont remember if you need other protection for a week or so of taking the missed pill. I never forget to take mine. Ask your doctor to explain the ins and outs. But yeah, I love the pill personally. It’s had only good side effects for me. And the only babies I had were the ones I was actively trying to have

  2. I've had bad experiences with guys running away at this point too (just made a post about it.) Just wanted to share that you're not alone.

  3. Some people are into exhibitionism and this may be her! Also possible that she is turned on but not just random people looking at her, but only by guys she finds attractive. Does it turn you on knowing others are looking at and enjoying her posts?

  4. We have cultural myths saying that men are up for sex all the time and that they're totally in control of their bodies, etc. But it's just not true. It's like how sometimes you are more wet than others, etc. The way your body responds is a combination of factors impacted by mental state, physical health, tiredness, distraction, all kinds of things. But because we have this myth that men “always want” sex and are “always ready” for sex, then it can be very damaging for both their mental health and the mental health of their partners. Unless it becomes a pattern, it's absolutely nothing to worry about – and even if it becomes a pattern, it's likely something besides his attraction to you – but he'd probably want to see his doctor. Life is full of ups and downs – just go with them 😏

  5. If she says it's not you and you can reasonably believe her (as in, she doesn't regularly say things are 'fine' when they're not), then you need to take her at her word. It's normal for life to go in cycles and maybe she's just not mentally in the zone right now. Probably the best thing to do is to stop worrying about it (which put pressure on her and makes it worse), and possibly stop having sex for a while. Just take some time with no sex to just be together.


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