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  1. You've been together for a long time so I don't understand why it would suddenly be a problem? It doesn't change anything, it's just an organ and you're not having sex inside her uterus. But no, it doesn't change a thing.

  2. When your orgasm isn't his priority it's not a good sign. Is he nervous? I can't think of why he wouldn't be putting more effort into learning what makes you tick when you clearly make the effort to see what he likes. He needs to get comfortable with talking during sex or move on.

  3. Do you know what turns him on? Do you know what porn he likes? What can you recall about the times you did have sex and it was next level. And/or what was the context during the last time he initiated?

  4. is is very rare for people to have one. i had one unintentionally. and i wasn’t in a relationship with someone either. but i know 96% of girls won’t do it tbh

  5. Yes this has happened, it’s always great to know your partner is so into what they’re doing. Don’t be embarrassed, you’d love it if it was the other way around, she loves it too. Congrats on having such a happy relationship

  6. Pretty simple. You're addicted to porn. Everyone has their porn go-to, yours is interracial. Obviously you're not alone Good luck curing your addiction., It's not easy.

  7. Sure, we don't know all the details. And you might be right about the testing. Nevertheless, I feel like if they have such radically different views on risky behavior, it might also have an impact on other areas of their lives or their relationship, don't you think? That's what I was trying to say.

  8. The porn suggestion is more of a point of reference I guess. It’s what most people go to find what they like or don’t. It’s different for men as well, our socialization is taught that it’s a perfectly normal thing and we over do it. If I can make a suggestion of erotica reading. Perhaps find something that you like, get him to read it, he finds something he likes and you read it. Unfortunately I don’t know how this would work for your personal beliefs and convictions but it’s a thought. As far as the not cumming, I’d say maybe 10 percent of the time but that’s after hours of fucking, I could have came a few times but I hold it off or pull out and let myself cool off because, again, I enjoy the act of domination and her submission. If you wanna try the d/s dynamic but don’t know if it’s right for you you can dip your toes in, you could tell him every week you have one day where you wait for him to get home and then you submit to whatever he wants AFTER giving you some attention and getting you worked up. If what he does with that is fuck you then you’ve submitted to his lust. If you want him to try more things have more sex. Men are creatures of novelty, new sex will excite us. Talk dirty to him, if you can’t in person do it by text. Start a story and have him finish it or just write a whole story of what you would like him to do to you. You do that consistently enough he’ll both get the hint and be turned on constantly. I would actually start with that


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