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  1. Like any slippery slope. It starts from “next time, then” with some “Let's do it quickly” and “it's OK” in the middle to this

  2. Guys just don’t understand because they don’t need the foreplay. I’m the same way. I find a more sexy way to say it is to say you like being teased until you can’t take it.

  3. After reading about his ED it may be more likely he doesn't want sex bc he's embarrassed. Did they check his hormone levels? You shouldn't try to lose fat fast. A pound a week or so is the way to go. Adjust diet/exercise as needed if you're not.

  4. Do this, it works. Start acting disinterested and knocking it back, in other words, reciprocate the behaviour. Give it a few weeks and behaviours change.

  5. My sex life was lacking a lot too, mainly because of me. My partner suggested we bring in another girl to “spice things up”. And when I tell you it worked, it worked. I’m bi. So it worked for us. My partner also watches porn and pleases himself. I think that’s a normal thing, you shouldn’t feel ashamed or as if you’re doing it too much. After all, things were good before you stopped. You’re both missing something. So get into a deep conversation and find out what you’re both lacking. It sounds like you were both fully satisfied before you stopped watching porn. Watch porn together. Bring in another woman. Just enjoy each others company and “play”. Try not to put so much stress on yourself about it. Tease her, get her close to the edge of orgasm, and then stop.

  6. Then you need to figure out what it is that made her feel like that and what makes her feel like you do care. Relationships do not work without communication, and communication means listening when your partner feels unappreciated. Ofc it's a two way street, but it has to start somewhere and she's made it clear there's an issue. So I'd listen and try to find what what made her feel like this. Or you can leave the relationship, but I promise you that you will end up in similar situations in other relationships so might as well practice your communication skills if you love her

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  8. But what about the smell of sex once had a co-worker who had sex on the car and he tried to cover it up with cologne and that does not mix


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