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  1. he did say at one point when talking about outies “who wants to have ugly genitals” before we had sex ever so he did say that and I do have an outie. I do wanna give him the benefit of the doubt because i know he really loves me, and he’s apologized for the comment. but you know it definitely affects our sex life because I want to feel fully confident about my body in the bedroom. it feels like every time I bring it he gets all awkward about it and says sorry but never really reassures me. I just had a conversation with him and he said he will work on pleasing me but it’s sort of feels like I can’t get over it because I don’t want to be a chore for him. I wish he would just want to do it.

  2. Pfft yeah i know you are probably right. I will try some different approaches, but if this does not change, it will end up in a breakup. It's just such a strange feeling, i've never encountered this. I mean even a random tinderdate that doesn't have feelings for me, does more than my own gf… I cant get over that one

  3. Spitting on someone's food is not a “minor sign of struggle”. It is a relationship-ending act, in my book. I find it very disturbing that you defend the guy. It sounds like you are either an abuse victim or an abuser yourself to be ok with the husband's behavior.

  4. Not an asshole either way, but I don't think you should. It was kind of her to offer but sex out of pity or worry isn't helpful to either of you. Her friendship is worth more than that. Seek help for your mental health problems. Talk to your family about it if you're in a situation where that is an ok option. Talk to your doctor. Call a helpline to help you find resources in your community.

  5. It’s cheating and selfish. How in the hell can your bf ‘finish you off’ when you don’t even know what works for you through self love. Do you really what to fix this? Have an honest conversation with him about your frustration and anxiety or move on.

  6. I don't have to read. I lost my virginity at an older age than you did. I know exactly what you're talking about, and I know it better than you do. Clearly you don't know. It is not only about you, it is about general impact of loosing virginity later in life. I still suggest to do some reading, psychological study and people personal stories. Building “self worth” by sex is an oxymoron. Self-worth comes from yourself, not from how other people choose to acknowledge you. The trap you're having is that you believe other people and are getting down on yourself when you should be defying them. Made up woo woo from new age gurus… But still as much as I partly would agree, but only partly, fact remains that no matter what you will think of yourself, if other people won't find you attractive, interesting to build relationship with, you may think whatever you want about yourself, but you won't have sex with them or relationship. Most people would accept this and admit that they are not attractive for others (if it is alright or not is not important now), some will be in denial and keep lying themselves they are. As I posited, “good sex” requires years to develop True, but at some point, you get to age when you physically can't have sex. Not only because you loosing interest due natural process, ed problems but also other issue may happen. That's my point. Now, again you imposing your personal experience as universal, but you already known that. Good sex, true sex whatever… is not only about finding person you fall in love, I encourage you again to dig in reading personal stories where wife's, husbands are bad in sex, don't like this or that… Yet they are in love. And it is not about me wanting more sex, I just speak about silly advices that are here given.


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