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  1. If they do that and I somehow get pregnant I’ll go as far as ordering abortion pills from aid access. no one’s gonna force me to give birth without me putting up a fight.

  2. This is totally valid. As a man i feel like i often have less of an opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the experience, because even though my gf doesn’t ‘expect’ it, she has a wayyy better time if I’m huffing and puffing from pounding away by the end of it. And that on top of wearing a condom which already decreases pleasure, and requires you to remove it right after so you can’t even just lay there and chill when you finish, just contributes to the feeling that it’s a whole process and not always mentally or physically easy for the man. I agree with the comment suggesting you decide whose ‘turn’ it is beforehand

  3. Please use lots of lube!! Make sure you’re both fully lubricated and relaxed. You’re on the right track with fingering to get your pussy used to penetration, especially if your partner is well endowed. Make sure his hands are clean and his nails are trimmed and filed. Nobody wants their PH balance thrown off or abrasions from someone’s nails. Start S L O W. Like really slow. There shouldn’t be any rush and you should be as relaxed as possible. If you’re able to, orgasming before penetration is always a good call as well. When it does come to him inserting his cock, get him to just stay in place as you adjust to accommodate him. If it’s painful, wait until it’s not. Inch by inch until he’s fully in you. Communicate with him and let him know what feels good or if it hurts. Rubbing your clit can also help with easing the initial discomfort. Also, use condoms! Safe sex is where it’s at. In regard to your hymen; a lot of women actually break their hymen before their first sexual encounter during activities like riding a bike or horseback riding. You may have had you’re hymen intact and he may have “broken” it by fingering you. It could also be breakthrough bleeding from your cycle, there’s a lot of possibilities. Regardless, hymens aren’t important and you shouldn’t expect to bleed or have a painful first experience. If it’s painful, slow down. As for my first experience, I was 19 and lost it to a foreign guy I met on tinder aha. Without going into details, there was A LOT of foreplay and build up so I was practically dripping by the time we got to fucking. The initial penetration was uncomfortable and a little ouchy because he took it a bit too fast but that discomfort turned to pleasure pretty quickly. I was also lucky because his cock wasn’t too girthy so my pussy didn’t need to accommodate too much lol. I think I may have spotted slightly after but I also tore so that may have contributed to that. (As long as your partner is kind and considerate and your pussy isn’t overly tight you shouldn’t tear like I did. Tearing shouldn’t be expected when losing your virginity) At the end of the day, virginity is just a social construct. Your first time is only as important as you want it to be.


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