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  1. I'm sorry this happened to you; your girl is very uncool. I'd reflect on how she treats you overall because this is a red flag. Someone who behaves this was knowing you were a virgin is unlikely to be a great person.

  2. It’s hard but conversation is key. If you don’t approach the conversation the right way it can be rather unhelpful too. Stay faithful to your woman. Don’t tell her “I’m frustrated because you won’t do xyz”, that will be disastrous. Remember that having kids can have a massive effect on womens bodies and affect hormones which can alter libido. Don’t forget, your wife has feelings too. She may even feel the exact same as you do. Start initiating intimacy, BUT with no expectation of sex! That’s a good way to reignite the passion. Make her feel wanted and desired. Tell her she’s beautiful and sexy. Give her saucy stares. Tell her you’ve been thinking of her all day, of being buried inside her. When she’s doing something like preparing dinner, come up behind her, grab her hips, press yourself close and kiss her neck, tell her dinner smells good (DO NOT hinder what she’s doing though). Any time she opens herself up to the affection, give her more but don’t press for sex. It might take a while to build it back up but it’s a small sacrifice to get your love life back. If none of this works you may need some couples therapy.

  3. Mixed signals? Sounds like she's naturally shy, the sex is good, and when she's comfortable with you she'll be open to more things. What's the mixed signal?

  4. Very very few couple who were together in the beginning of grad school were together by the end of it in my experience. Grad school is absolutely just a different lifestyle. What are you going to do? Work your ass off for your juris prudence sucking an ungrateful dick the whole time just so you can be their sugar mama once you finish? And how does that go once you graduate and continue to work 80hrs a week?


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