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  1. What are the odds from pregnancy from one unprotected sexual encounter between teens, on average? And is it more difficult to cum when you’re in the back seat of a car as opposed to a bed?

  2. There’s no rash, it just itches. And this only occurred after I had sex recently. I was fine before this vacation.

  3. I do try but he closes up and I feel Like a sex pest or something. But In my other relationships no one has ever mad me feel like that. We’re taught growing up that men want sex. We never sex or anything. He’s never sent me a picture.

  4. Wow I’ve never tried that before. Would you recommend just going for that or would you recommend asking him first about trying it that way?

  5. If you’ve told him, clearly and plainly, that you don’t like it and he keeps doing it anyway; it’s probably time for a new boyfriend. You can give the conversation another try, be as blunt as possible, but if it happens again you need to throw away the whole man. People will give you a lot of reasons why, but the only one that matters is that he doesn’t care enough about you to take what you say seriously and to listen to you. If he doesn’t listen to you, if he doesn’t care about your feelings, he isn’t someone you want to waste your time with as a partner. It’s important you learn to draw this red line early because it will make the relationships you have going forward much better and much more fulfilling.

  6. Think of missionary position except reverse the roles. The guy is on bottom with his legs in the air. The woman is on top, thrusting. It looks like the woman has a cock but she's actually moving on and off his cock. She does all the work hence it being called the amazon position cuz it's a woman dominated position and it makes it look like the guy is being penetrated.

  7. That’s good insight. He doesn’t normally last very long so I wouldn’t say the sessions are that extensive, but maybe it’s a factor.

  8. Start slow and make sure you have plenty of lube. You don’t have to go all the way in specially the first couple of times until she gets used to it. Use dildos and butt plugs as well to get her comfortable

  9. OP said that she meant that sex with him is way better than with these guys and that she didn’t actually tell him that she slept with anyone but he asked her

  10. I've dealt with this problem for years because of birth control. I don't have periods just spotting. I wear a menstrual disk.they are not like the cups they don't use suction. They sit right up on you cervix and my partner barely ever feels them. Only in really deep positions but even then they are so thin and soft he doesn't mind at all. Absolute game changer for me.

  11. It seems to me that the solution is for you to buy the smaller condoms & introduce them into your sec life as soon as possible with no fanfare. Good luck!😉

  12. I've topped people over a foot taller than me. It's not impossible but height differences can be tricky! Have you tried having him lay on his back for missionary? You can also change his elevation based on your stance and props. For example if he is bent over a piece of furniture instead of one all fours. You could try all fours and more of a squat position on your part (works better on a hard surface). Keep at it Eta: sometime the toy is the problem. Experiment with different lengths and angles if you're still not having any luck

  13. Naked, clothes or in underwear. Clothed can be itchy and you need to be careful not to get sore. If naked that's less a problem and lube or other stuff can be used to increase the fun. You can also grind in all possible ways which could include penetration so get creative. We use it as a kind of foreplay while watching a movie or getting into bed

  14. Everyone is different.. if someone asked me for a kiss I would say no.. if you tried to kiss me you would know if I'm game.. asking is just a turn off for me.. so you should have a conversation with whoever you are seeing at the time if they prefer you to ask or not and then learn to read body language

  15. He had probably never thought about getting his nips touched before and it gave him a surprise/shock. He also may feel its gay for a man to receive that. Something brand new(to him) can be uncomfortable, if a woman had never thought about receiving oral and a person goes down on them it would probably feel the same way to them. He is insecure about the act and how you came up with it. I think I would just say you are sorry for doing that but since you like it so much when he does it to you, you thought he would like it too

  16. I'll recommend you reach out to @“trevor_tripx”on Instàgram He delivered me from anxiety and depression, and showed me the best way to microdose

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  18. Just to echo the take it correctly and medications affect its effectiveness, a good friend of mine went from “im going to break up with him” to “im pregnant and keeping it” because she was on antibiotics and it reduces the effectiveness of the pill. The kid is great btw but the father turned out to be the deadbeat she expected him to be which is why she was breaking up with him in the first place. Mistakes were made. Be careful. Have fun !


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