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  1. I've never won anything worth having in my life by lying. Sure it's not illegal, but happiness and dishonesty aren't bosom buddies.

  2. Before there were blowjobs, there was only blowvolunteerism. All of us can agree that the recent shift to vocationalism is a positive development.

  3. It'd be too far for our dynamic but it sounds hot for you guys if it's working! For me, an afternoon of teasing via text until we get home is all I can handle. Stopping in the morning and then all day without would just frustrate both of us.

  4. I was taught that consent was not only a yes but also a sober yes, an informed yes, a sane yes, and many more modifiers. While that's a fine personal guideline to follow if you are pursuing sex from others, it is an undue burden to place upon others who are pursuing sex. There is certainly no legal requirement for all those modifiers on sexual consent. You can have your own moral code that puts whatever modifiers you'd like on sexual consent. You can't take your moral code and apply it to others (if you could, then they could apply their moral code to you, and I don't think you'd like that). If you met the person just a few hours ago and likely both have been drinking then is it possible to give or receive full consent? Yes. As long as you are agreeing to the sexual activity in the moment, with the knowledge you have, there are no qualms about legal or moral validity of the consent. If one chooses to consent based upon limited knowledge of your partner, that's your choice. If you want information about, say, STD history, you are free to ask about that and modify your consent as you wish based upon the answer. Does he regret their encounter because he lacked the mental state to make an informed choice Regret does not negate consent. And in either case, did he really give informed consent? Did he choose to engage in sex of his own free will? Could he have declined engaging in sex without unnatural consequences? If so, then he really gave informed consent.

  5. Can you safely get out quickly, before the pregnancy advances too far to have a procedure in another state/country? If not, then the plan is to save money in the least detectable way possible, keep the most important things for travel and leaving purposes (ID, a change of clothes, car keys and ownership papers if that's a thing you have going on, etc.) in a place you can get to them easily and without excess delay, and start laying a plan to get away. You can figure out who gets therapy for what after you're not forced to share space with someone who won't listen to “no” from a sex partner.


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