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FUCK MY GINGUERS #new #latina #glasses #smalltits [118 tokens remaining]

11 thoughts on “mila-klein

  1. What if you were compatible on EVERY other aspect (morals, values, financial stability, sexual chemistry, communication, empathetic, mindful, hobbies, etc). All that compatibility and you want to dump the person because they won't go down on you every day of the month? Yikes

  2. Do not. Don't ever do surprise anal. Anal takes physical AND mental prep for both of you, and neither of you are ready for it. Surprise anal could be physically harmful to either of you, his thrust could break his dick or it could cause trauma to you since you're not prepared for the stretch. Even if you don't get injured it will lead to a very uncomfortable night for both of you. Saying “use me however you want” still means that your normal boundaries apply. If you want to try something new then talk with him about it, so that you both know what to expect. This whole thing sounds like a business transaction, like you owe him money and decided to pay him off with sex. Do you want this to be punishing to you? Do you think doing some wild sex act will make up for something outside the bedroom? Sex should be fun, not a punishment or a chore.

  3. Normally yes, but you can learn to ninja when necessary. I had to do this when I worked kitchen staff at camp and everyone slept in bunk beds in one giant room. Figured out very quickly what caused sounds and how to tug silently without causing any blanket movement or noise. It wasn’t as pleasurable as when I can use the full range of movement but it got the job done in silence.

  4. On one hand intimacy requires trust, and you can trust her to let you know if it's hurting more than she wants. On the other hand, you should never do something sexually that you just aren't okay with.

  5. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out though! How do you tell people when you start dating? I feel that I need to start setting boundaries so I don’t feel so used

  6. Because it’s a bit taboo and so he can watch it later. I had an entire collection of pics and videos of my ex to watch when I was away at work and I stopped watching any other porn altogether to be able to watch her/us instead.

  7. I mean you can be interested and just not ready to have sex in that moment yet, it is down to her to make it clear that she is interested tho since he’s being respectful at this point. Ball is in her court now, but him being super put off due to her saying no once even if she makes it clear that she is and was interested soon after, just wasn’t ready that night, is kinda sus to me anyway

  8. This is extremely serious. Many countries have laws against this very type of thing. Some countries will prosecute the person who recorded it with producing and distributing child pornography. This can also be consider numerous other things. Regardless- there’s a good chance your country has a law against it and you really should seek legal counsel

  9. I had the same thoughts after my first relationship too. Do him a favor and break up. Opening the relationship will just delay the breakup


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