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  1. Are you looking for casual sex or do you want to get into a relationship? Generally speaking, sex experiences are likely to be more positive and pleasurable in a relationship with emotional intimacy. I would not personally recommend entering the world of sex through one night stands and casual partners, but that's just my personal opinion and you should do what feels right for you.

  2. This is a condition called phimosis. Please see a doctor, they can advise you on next steps better than anyone on the internet. Good luck!

  3. Male here. My wife and I enjoy doing this sometimes, and I find it very hot. I made sure to ask her before I ever tried it, and she said she was alright with it. Whenever I wake her up with penetration, she gets a big smile on her face.

  4. I had a bit of a trauma one time. I had an ex who was so pretty but she didn't seem to have self-awareness of how she smelled even when she had the worst breath and smells down there. Maybe because she was so pretty, she didn't ever need to notice. But after that, I became even more self-conscious. I wanted to make sure I never do what she did to me to other people. I only want to kiss when I have the mintiest breath. And I don't want any woman's face near my genitalia unless I have very recently washed down there with minty soap.

  5. Truthfully, I acted like a child and got upset when he started seeing that girl… Not bcus I had feelings for him, but bcus we had really good sex LOL But no, I got immaturely upset which is my fault.

  6. I looked it up it’s called foot fisting, it’s crazy seeing his these chicks stick there feet up a guy’s butt but it makes them cum like a machine gun lol

  7. There is no such thing as casual sex in my opinion. Especially for women Lmao absolutely false, myself and my circle of many other women friends would beg to disagree with you.

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  9. Maybe you should use this as a filter… Before having sex, tell them that you haven't shaved and see if they back away.

  10. It sounds like this is the reason right here. IMO. The tickling thing, and then you a also mentioned not being fond of fingers. I don't think a tongue would be much better. I've suggested you being on top, or maybe it's not for you. Definitely express your concerns with your partner. That's the best advice I can give.

  11. I'd like guys to say what they think and keep it positive and genuine. If you like my abs, say so! If I've got insecurities about something, that's my thing to navigate – not your problem. But I can't speak for every woman. If someone says “don't comment on my body”, 100% respect that.

  12. What? All females I know love sex. It’s an old tale that they don’t. Sure there are outliers but so are there with men. That said having orgasms and loving sex are not directly tied to each other. Not all women are going to have an orgasm during sex and this is by and large due to a) the men they are having sex with being ignorant / inexperienced with female orgasms, arousal, anatomy, etc. b) the female not be aroused enough to get there c) sometimes it’s not in the cards for that moment d) the need for clitorial stimulation and not getting enough of that and the list goes on. But non of these issues would say stop a female from loving sex or wanting more. Yea, orgasms are often faked but I’m sure you can research why that is. In any case it’s absolutely untrue that girls do not like to fuck.

  13. I see nothing wrong with saying that. It lays out clear intentions which is good communication. How he responds from there could make it easier for you to make your decision.

  14. I did a bit of research and found that it is something called PSSD, so I have made big changes, and I took myself off the Sertraline, and I have noticed a change already in a month, so here is hoping, and thank you 🙂

  15. 52 seconds is very impressive. He should have been impressed. Damn I am. Typicla is under 20 sec. Tell him to try to pee for longer than 52 sec, and record it. I doubt he can do it. Oh, and if he does it make sure not to thank him 😄

  16. Actually the safest week is the week before her period starts. Research and download the apps that can be used as BC to track her cycle.

  17. Conclusions: The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.

  18. Everytime is making reasonable comments but i still think its completely reasonable to break up with him over this. Sure, it may not be his fault and his not a bad person for being addicted to porn, but it isnt your fault either and theres plenty of men eager to have sex and dont find it a “chore” like some people are saying.

  19. And as a non-american, I don't need to care about your law. Worst case scenario, I violate the Reddit terms of service and risk a ban.

  20. It’s been almost two months since the accident, and we communicate about everything, and our sex drive is very equal, just over the last 3 weeks he’s seemed to have a plummet in his sex drive, and it doesn’t help that I get stuck in my own head and feel like it’s me and he’s constantly reassuring me that it’s not me it’s him just being stuck in his head.

  21. All my hormones are well within the normal range, which is weird. Sex toys are unfortunately not an option due to the lack of privacy in my living situation.

  22. Glad it worked out for you. Unfortunately, not for me – loud and crowded situations spook me. Go figure, because the louder the music, the more exciting. And nah, this lizard brain somehow doesn't go into a “get fucked” mindset. It's always “go fuck”. Except fuck what exactly, because it sure can't think up of anything either.