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  1. I've had a similar experience—I allowed a pushy partner to not use protection even when I knew he should've, and asked him to. At the time it just seemed easier to let him go raw than to fight him on it. You're not a bad person, and I'm proud of you for making the appointment! The clinic won't judge you, I promise. It's their job to get you the help you need. I also hope you're able to find friends, hobbies, and communities that show you that you're worth more than just what you can offer others sexually. I wish you the best.

  2. I was in the same exact situation as you (24M). My ex and I were both virgins but through communication, sex eventually became amazing and just mindblowing every time we had sex throughout the 5 years we were together. I got dumped about 7 months ago. I was in the same boat as you. Thought I'll never have what I had. But I'm dating someone else now. She's inexperienced but here's the thing. With communication, it got better. Sure, it's 2 different partners and the experience is different. But sex is just as amazing with my new partner. Communication is key. Dont compare your future partners with your ex. It isnt fair for them because they didn't get to know you like your ex did. sex life can improve with communication and open-mindedness.

  3. Is yeast infection transmittable? I went to the local government. They send the tests to te lab. Unfortunately, the lab report didn’t specify it

  4. Seen upwards of 75 vulvas IRL, all shapes all sizes. Never saw one I didn’t love. If someone is with you, they will love your vulva. If anyone tells you otherwise, leave ‘em. It’s not you, it’s them. For thought, I have a physical problem (serious swelling in parts of my body all the time). I am super self conscious about it. Women have always excepted me for who I am, except the ones who didn’t, and that is fine by me because I only want to be with someone who loves me for me.

  5. But there's a big difference in these two things. Not having sex would be not having physical relationships with someone. Not doing oral would be not doing a very specific thing amongst the dozens of other things that could be done during sex. Especially when doing that thing make somebody feel uncomfortable.

  6. Find some one who likes it. It’s not his preference that’s the end of the story. Some guys are turned on by it. It probably meant you really found the dude attractive for that to happen. It’s going to be someone’s cup of tea it’s just not his. Nothings inherently wrong with either of you, find a partner who likes that and isn’t turned off. Everyone in the world has there preferences. I hate the upvoted comments where it says your “perfect” and shits on the guy. He didn’t like it, what are we going to do. Advice: move on, get over the insecurity, and find some one you like who isn’t turned off.

  7. You should tell her boyfriend. However, be prepared that she will hate you for that and will never ever speak with you. She is a wonderful She has decided to mislead her boyfriend, and knowingly make him a father against his wishes. This is not what a good person does. She's not wonderful, at least not towards her boyfriend, whom she'd like to become a father of her child (!).

  8. Go back and just read your replies. ALL of them have you so much more concerned with how HE will take things. HIS pleasure. HIS perspective. What about you? If even YOU don't prioritize your safety and pleasure, how do you expect anyone else to? And you should be more fearful about your relationship heading towards an abusive path than you are about strangers thinking your relationship isn't great. If you're getting these comments from many people it's because behavior this isn't unique to you. There are patterns that we recognize as red flags. It doesn't mean your relationship needs to end, it means you need to stop and really pay attention! If you set your boundary and this harmful behavior immediately changes, then great! There you go! Crisis averted. But if not…and you ignore this red flag, then in the future, when things eacalate, you'll think of these strangers who were only wanting to help you be safe. Hope you talk to him and you both prioritize you for a change, and your relationship gets stronger. Good luck!

  9. I started a fwb situation after getting out of a king, bad relationship….. both of us agreed we wanted more after a few hook ups, almost a year later, sex every day, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!! I love this man!!🫠


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