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  1. Attempting to publicly humiliate someone is bullying Did OP's ex do that? To my reading he didn't; he showed photos around and talked about his ex. We don't know that he said anything humiliatingly, or disrespectful or untrue. If he did, there's a valid case of libel and slander somewhere in there. He might have said something like “look at this hot chick, I goy oy enjoy her perky tits for 4 years” – which may be uncomfortable to OP, but doesn't qualify as an attempt at humiliation by any stretch of yhe imagination. Maybe you grew up coddled thinking that you can do whatever abusive behaviour to other people and you wouldn’t be punished if it didn’t break the law but that’s not how the world works. The “facts” are that schools have a code of conduct and this behaviour likely broke their school rules. I actually grew up in a police state (a real police state, with a dictator n stuff). What I leaned is that adherence to rules – and laws for that matter, being just different types of ruled – is going to be ablut just as useful to society at large as the rules are useful and sensible. Otherwise, one way or the other, nobody cares.

  2. I agree it’s enjoyable on its own, and shouldn’t be done with the expectation of receiving. However I’ve had partners that love giving as much as I do, and you have to admit being with someone who enjoys it too (if you enjoy receiving that is) make a difference. You

  3. I may have the unpopular opinion here but I don’t think she’s completely in the wrong but she does need to communicate further. I don’t think it’s necessarily a guessing game. This can actually be a kink for many men/women but IT DOES require communication. A very light CNC if you will. You can ask her if she often feels like she wants her “no” to be ignored or if she’s rather you take the “no” immediately for what it is. What many couples do is create a safe word. Unfortunately, having your no ignored can be a turn on for many women for multiple reasons. Talk to her about it if she’s doing this often and create a SAFE WORD for in the event that she seriously does not want you to touch her in a sexual way. Instead of saying no she may say no and the safe word or just the safe words. Safe words are an IMMEDIATE no or stop. You did the right thing FOR SURE by taking her no seriously. This needs to be communicated further.

  4. You need to sever the relationship. If you can't be your true self around someone, then the relationship is not healthy. It will eventually come to a head, so save yourself the grief and go be yourself. You'll be a lot happier if you do.

  5. Guy here – deal-breaker for me, and I wouldn't blame a woman who felt the same way. No judgment on the person specifically, just sexually incompatible. Additionally, if I was dating a woman who did not enjoy getting oral sex it would be an incompatibility issue, though I could potentially deal with it. A question for folks here What if a guy is willing to give oral but with caveats – eg not after finishing inside, not after piv, not after periods (a few days or a week), only if trimmed/shaved, or only after a shower?

  6. with a previous partner who was taller, doggy worked fine cuz he could just spread his legs wider to bring his pelvis lower

  7. It's all a matter of opinion! Virginity is a made up thing to take control away from women's bodies. Turning a very personal thing into something that a man is included in. You using a dildo is for self pleasure and has nothing to do with a man and everything to do with you and your needs. Tell him so he knows you're working towards a better self-awareness that he will benefit from as well!

  8. I seriously doubt it's as bad as Jan and Michael. That was the most toxic shit ever. Unless she's having you get multiple vasectomies, I'd say you just keep trying to set some boundaries and fight the urges, or just get a new job and see if the sex is the same without the taboo. You already know the risks, and leaving a retail job is not as scary as a bigger career that you've built through blood, sweat, and tears. She knows the risks of losing her job too and she hasn't shown any signs of abusing her position so the stakes here aren't as high. The choice is yours.

  9. Make sure you are getting her aroused and use lube. Some poeple just don't produce enough natural lube, and penetration is difficult if her body isn't ready. I also strongly recommend her seeing the doctor, could be something as simple as an infection, by only a doctor would know.


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