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  1. You’re absolutely not crazy, but you are presently sexually incompatible with where he is currently at. It may take a while to get him from where he is to where you want him to be. Its safest for him as a journey of small steps, not big jumps. Encourage, talk, explore and be patient. If he then wont budge and you are still incompatible, then you have a sexual incompatibility problem with some tough choices.

  2. Sexuality is not always one or the other. Sometimes it's on a spectrum. This might be a chance to explore some things with him….

  3. The first time I had anal sex it was unexpected. I was really wet and he was eating my ass and he just put it in. I was shocked but it felt amazing

  4. Prepare for a long session. We typically are, specially in our youth, very eager for PIV so it’s a difficult for a profound talk at that moment. Wait in between rounds.

  5. Vasectomy was the best thing for me. I love having sex and already have children didn't want anymore. Didn't want to wear condoms (with long term partner ). Just made sense. Maybe he still wants children?


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