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  1. Perhaps he's just looking for sex and is not that into you as a person, no kissing happens often in this situations.

  2. Try yur hardest to get his mind off you. Hangout less etc… try to make him focus more on something else like a sport or video game lol

  3. I dated a physical therapist that specialized in sexuality and sexual dysfunction a while back. She told me that loss of morning erections can signal heart issues. You might be young, but that's even more reason to get that checked out if you haven't already.

  4. My partner takes stimulant medication – so do I, but I’m not a dude – and I can confidently say it doesn’t have that effect on him at all. Which is just to say – meds will hit everyone different, never assume it’s black and white one way or another.

  5. Please dont take medical advice from random internet strangers. SSRIs are used as medication against depression and other mental illnesses and have real tangible effects on your brain chemistry. Just taking some because somebody online said that you cant orgasm afterwards is very dangerous. If you are really worried about your physical health, please consult a doctor. They can and will give you the best medical advice they can.

  6. He's relaxed about it because if you get pregnant, it's not necessarily his problem. Ass holes like this forget that pregnancy fucks a woman's body up in ways it won't completely recover from. I'm not talking about stupid incel baggy vagina shit, it alters parts of your brain. It can kill you for God's sake. Precum can and will get you pregnant. Your body wants to get pregnant. Not getting pregnant isn't generally selected for from an evolutionary standpoint. You need to put a stop to either this behaviour or this relationship.

  7. It’s fine for you to push your product, a little transparency would be good (your sub is selling the sleeves and you’re a mod) but telling someone who is expressing their insecurities that this might be the answer instead of encouraging them to be okay with their body is not v ethical business of you 😬

  8. I guess I do feel really ashamed about it. I still feel embarrassed having sex with him now or him seeing me naked. I feel like I’m doing something really bad

  9. I discovered a ton of my kinks through porn, trying em and then enjoying them in real life. It happens. It's pretty normal. I'm going to echo the other comments, maybe you're just not sexually compatible which is a pretty big deal- do you want this to be your life forever? Do you feel your needs are met? There are many sex positive women in the world, I'm sure one of them may be a better match if that's what you want/need! Porn is definitely not “this is what real sex looks like”, a lot of the positions etc. Don't feel all that great and are mostly for the aesthetic/camera angles.. or some acts that are just porn-y and don't work in real life.. but there are also a lot of great positions/techniques/tips that can be discovered through porn, it's not all bad! It's okay to not like porn and it's also okay to like porn, you just need to find the right people 🙂

  10. If u perfer something u both enjoy look at cock sleeves on bad dragon or deep fantasy… there are lots more this themed, but it's a turn on to watch and bigger one to be a part of the action

  11. I got married to a man I'd met online after only knowing him for 4 weeks. I recommend this to every new couple since it worked for me. Oh wait, no, I don't. Because I know that he and I are outliers and our results aren't typical.

  12. No. A service top is not inherently kinky by nature. The basic concept of a “service top” is someone who is on top but performs primarily for the pleasure of the bottom. Kinks can be involved, but it’s not always the case.

  13. Sounds like you just need to tell him you understand he was drunk and high, you don't want to make it a big thing, but you would prefer if he didn't make that comment, and to be a little more aware in the future.

  14. I thought chatturbate was all token based. Interesting to know they have free cam to cam stuff. Is wanting to watch/be watched technically part of the swinger lifestyle? I definitely want to ask these questions to the right people.

  15. No it's not a small issues but there are other things that I personally think are more important as we have a family and are buying a house

  16. Yep! It can take months to get your body to where it can be comfortable especially if there is already trauma, fear, or trepidation. Nobody should want to hurt their partner for their own pleasure.

  17. Yeah he ended up giving off a weird vibe so we slowly stopped talking and I only saw him once more after that. Thank you for your thoughts.


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