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  1. Go for it now honestly. You just have him a boner that’s great lol. Now there’s already sexual tension between the two of you use to explore since y’all both virgins

  2. Like the others have said go to the doctors immediately, you will probably need an MRI scan of your head/brain.

  3. Sounds pretty stupid to even think about an ex. Especially in a relationship. They're an ex for a reason. I wouldn't speak about my ex/any ex sexually with anyone, and thats for three reasons only. 1) Sex was garbage with everyone until I met my wife. 2) There is no point in talking about sex with others, when I have a great thing in front of me, and I prefer to keep my focus on the now and how blessed I am. 3) I find it completely disrespectful to my wife to talk about my ex's and or to even think about them. It sounds to me, he prefers sex with his ex than he does with you and that I am sure is heartbreaking. Love, connection, and comfortability brings so much to the table in regards to sex. If you speak to your boyfriend and discuss how something hurts you and he doesn't change it and or work on changing it, let alone doesn't care you're hurt. You shouldn't be with him. My wife tells me something I do breaks her heart, I won't do it again. That's the last thing I want her to ever feel. Let alone, her hurting and how it makes me feel, she does this for me. We communicate, there's no secrets, there's no lies (unless I told her I didn't eat her candy bar in the fridge, but that's different!) we discussed our boundaries long before marriage. Yes we are still learning and growing, but honestly to me… Sounds like your boyfriend has a lot of growing up to do. 🤷🏼

  4. So what else have u got planned other than trying to seduce her? I hope you're going to have chairs there so she doesn't feel obligated to sit on the bed Are u guys very close in terms of enjoying conversation with each other?


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