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  1. I love tip-play. But even better is if you pull the skin down steady on the shaft, kinda like just pull down and hold it… And then play with the tip. It's like it energizes all the nerves.

  2. hey, this is for in case it gets really bad and you need support sex and love addicts anonymous meetings, google them, they have support for porn and masturbation additcs.

  3. We do the same thing. I don’t rlly like to take sex too seriously, it gets intense at some points and that’s when I shut up and just breathe but if it just feels good generally usually I end up giggling. Also I started laughing when he lifted me up cuz it was just so sudden, like we were making out naked while I was sitting on him, and then suddenly I’m in the air and he’s like moving me like whaaat!? Felt good but like damn no warning 😂


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