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  1. This is a great thing to say but facial are by very definition rather messy. He can try but there’s no guarantee it won’t get in your hair or eyes or up your nose.

  2. I usually would agree with this but it seems like such a high number of girls don’t wanna give head. Or a lot of posts I see here would lead me to believe

  3. He didn’t know.. None of them knew . Dont get too carried away with these comments These are all different examples of leeches trying to hit on you. They aren’t going to say you are married , you are an expert kisser and super experienced and you don’t need them. All 3 use those lines weekly on multiple women.

  4. No. I mean, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But we’ve only just had our 2nd date. We matched online. I feel like I have to up the touching game and just get more comfortable with being physically flirty more. I’m pretty flirty via text but I lack in real life.


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