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  2. I personally could not date anyone who tries to control what erotic material I view out of their own insecurity. And ethical complaint against porn websites known for exploitation is one thing, but that’s not the basis of her issue with your porn use. Also, seems like she is in the mindset that sex is a source of tension, something she’s suspicious you are trying to pressure her into just by the virtue of expressing sexual desire. I could not date someone who thinks like this if they were not enthusiastic about couple’s therapy to resolve the underlying relationship or personal issues.

  3. I had a girlfriend for a while that wouldn't give oral sex Then I realised she didn't want to receive it either which I'd never come across ever. I had to dump her. Two heavy conversations was too much

  4. Try a clitoral orgasm first, then anal. You can thank me later. 😉 Everyone is different, and some have more nerve endings in their bum than others do. You like what you like. Be thankful that you know what you like.

  5. Just leave. It's not that complex an issue. He doesn't care about or enjoy your genuine sexual pleasure so leave. Find someone who will.

  6. Nah I don’t think the not dating thing has anything to do with it. Also he says he doesn’t get turned on from giving me head but that he enjoys pleasing me, does that just mean that he’s not physically turned on but enjoying the mental benefit? He says that’s the case but I just want to make sure he’s not lying

  7. We haven’t…life revolves around the daughter and we’ve talked about dating but haven’t spent any time alone, just the two of us for a long time…


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