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  1. i disagree. obviously he doesn’t owe me anything, but if he’s jerking off every day and we’re only having sex twice a week that’s interfering with our sex life. if he wants to break up with me because he can’t meet my needs he can, i told him what i want and he can either take it or leave it. and he’s taking it, if he felt like he was having sex with me out of obligation he wouldn’t have sex with me. we’ve spoken about it and come to our own compromise. i asked peoples thoughts on porn in a relationship, not your unwanted thoughts on me

  2. Consent is good. Sounds like she respects that but wants more impulsivity and perhaps some forward aggression from you at the same time. Perhaps you need to have that conversation up front and set some boundaries and agree to a safe word. i.e. I want you to be forward, but if I'm really not into it I'll say “pineapples”.

  3. Could be many things. I’d look into vaginismus or a UTI, I have had bladder infections that have hurt from penetration.

  4. I honestly have no idea if my friends has had sex even though some have had partners for almost two decades. LMAO, true. I guess we like to keep the private details well… private. It doesn't really make sense to talk about, and I can't imagine my girl would like it if I talked to my friends about anything regarding her/us and our sex lives.

  5. They are your boobs, but beyond that, surgery is a huge deal and shouldn't be entered into lightly. Reinforce that it's not what you want and if he doesn't respect that, well it's honestly time to part ways!

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  7. Your statement, “I don’t want to go my whole life without oral sex.”, is powerful. A monogamous partner doesn’t owe specific sex acts, but if they are doing themselves a disservice if they don’t have an honest conversation with their partner. I understand the fairness and reasoning behind you withholding performing oral sex on him, but that approach is more likely to create distance and exacerbate the problem than solve it. They key likely lies in putting effort into the non-sexual aspects of your relationship. It may be that the problem is as simple as getting over the hump of orgasm. Talking about that issue may reduce anxiety enough to reach climax. Read the book, She Comes First, together. My sense is that he does care about you, but needs help in figuring out what to do. He can only set the stage, your body controls the orgasm.

  8. Ik we don’t know each other, but I want you to know that you’re going to lead a wonderful life , I understand mental struggles I both have them and work with people who do , I promise once you learn how to love yourself it gets easier, therapy is hard and yes sometimes it seems like a waste of money but don’t forget its a process, and if you feel like a certain therapist isn’t the one for you its completely okay to look for another. I read something once that we only accept the love we think we deserve, you deserve nothing but kindness and care❤️

  9. if it’s negatively affecting your life, that means it’s a problem. look into hypersexuality, it can be caused by many things including medical/psychological conditions or medication side effects, or there might be something going on with your hormones etc.

  10. *My boyfriend raped me while I was blackout drunk* – there, fixed it for you. Seriously, girl. Please report him, get some plan B, and stay the fuck away from him.

  11. I think that's solid advice typically but this can't be saved. Or rather it will never be a healthy relationship. And I'm not a person that runs around this site telling everyone to break up! Lol. Beyond how much of an AH he's been about it, he brought up brain washing which is really weird. It could be argued he's trying to brain wash her into not being into the kinks she's into. Treating her like she's a slut and “used up”, he's never going to be a healthy partner for her. If they were both 16, then maybe he got some bad advice or worldview of sex and is really repressed/judgemental and can learn to be tolerant. And I don't mean he has to like/do the kinks she likes but he could communicate that he doesn't want to in a positive way. But this guy is 30. He's dating a much younger woman and talking about brain washing, slut shaming her and really messing up her head. Talking about being used up and such makes me believe he wants a virginal, missionary only type woman. But don't worry, he'll surely cheat on you with a women who will be a “slut” (not my thought but his) who will do “freaky” stuff that he doesn't think a wife or girlfriend should do. He sounds emotionally manipulate at best and emotionally abusive at worst. OP, I say run. Run and never look back. For all the reasons I said but even if you don't agree with that, you both are clearly sexually incompatible. He's judgemental and hateful to you. Not good and he's going to ruin your confidence and cause a lot of baggage for you if you stay and try to not be yourself to suit him.


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