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  1. There need to be gender identifiers on these comments. I'm pretty sure I have read anything but male responses so far. 🤣

  2. Yeah nerves will kill a hard-on. He's probably dealing with more mental than physical issues. But he finds Viagra it'll fix everything lol.

  3. A fwb is going to be hard d to find that isn’t going to ghost and leave even dating apps are set up like that now

  4. I always loved Jamie Farr as The Sheik in the movie “Cannonball Run”. “Ladies, there is only so much water in the fountain!”

  5. Some people love Toyotas and others Kias.. Some people like steak and others lobsters.. Different tastes for different people.. Do it if it makes you feel good and sexy… So it if your partner likes it… I personally love it.. It clearly tells me that my SO went to the effort to tease me… Also, you could wear it under clothes when you go out and let it show a bit.. Then there is the anticipation all evening.. Knowing it's on… That you get to see it later and rip them off.. Or just fuck with them on..

  6. Everything you communicated is 100% normal (and I’ve had to communicate the same things to my partner when we first started having sex. Changing the rhythm, where to touch heck we’ve been together ten years and sometimes he’s not in the exact spot I want him to be…he doesn’t care if I say move lower or up etc. he just does what I ask. And it doesn’t even sound like you’re criticizing him so I don’t know why he’s taking this as anything unusual. Personally, I wouldn’t like having sex with someone who made comments like that. Comparing to past encounters is such a turn off. And I am completely convinced his prior encounters faked it, or maybe they were young and didn’t know what they needed or truly wanted. I know it took me years to truly figure out what I wanted sexually.

  7. Well she said there was a “slow decline” in the sex life so I'd say fair to assume that it was satisfying at one point

  8. I'd recommend taking a look at r/hotwifelifestyle While you should definitely be ready to have a conversation about him having sex with other women, this isn't necessarily a guaranteed request. He might be interested in either a Stag and Vixen dynamic, or the similar Hotwife dynamic. Stags don't necessarily want to fuck other women, but love letting their women fuck other men. If you don't feel ready, then don't do it. If you want to entertain his kink without the implications or risks, you can buy a realistic dildo and role play for him. Give it a name and pretend it's some random guy you picked up from the bar, and fuck yourself silly with it while he watches.

  9. I’ve been with men who don’t make me cum for like months Lmao that’s not a huge deal for me usually sex the first few times are weird anyways you don’t know the other person you gotta learn it. If he’s this way for months though yea he’s gotta go.

  10. I'm 25 and lost my virginity at lls 17. I've only had this problem recently and thought it was solely due to the brand or type of durex condom. This happened with the extra security durex. Before unrolling it as you say, it's like there's a lot of space left over at the beginning, in the bubble area, and I think that it is that space that catches air and generates wrinkles. I think that's why I thought it's too big for me. I will change brands and I will take into account your advice not to unroll it completely. Many thanks!

  11. remember it may bleed, and its supposed to hurt a little but not to much. the pleasure should be there. if you're nervous about not knowing what to do, play along with what he does, as you would do for kissing. good luck ! im sure you'll have a great time:)

  12. But most women my age have had tons of sex and hookups, go ask your average woman in her early 20s and she would of already had threesomes and tons of hookups. Most women are also bisexual so your competing with women for pussy as well

  13. Women enjoy my “dirty area” because it is much easier to wash and clean than a vagina. Men ‘leak’ or ‘ejaculate’ and having discharge come from the penis may be a sign of STIs, so completely different buddy. Sorry I don’t like having my tongue in a woman’s vagina that squirts discharge in my face. Not sure how that’s “selfish -🤓”

  14. what did I do wrong 🥺 Could it be that he needs a little time to reconnect with you emotionally after an intense day of work and parenting before he can get horny? It's usually the mother who needs that, but it's quite normal for the mother to be spontaneously horny and the father to need some time and nonsexual connection to feel sexual desire. Just a little more unusual than the other way around.

  15. I will try again, to talk about my kinks without freaking people out. I sometimes have a few fantasies that are super taboo. They almost always have the same result as far as what happens to me after the my taboo is brought to light. Every thing is fantasy in my mind. One is I have a little bit of a crush on my step daughter 18f. She has to be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Sometimes I have the fantasy that she has a desire to get it on with me. So, she does, usually orally. Then my partner comes in during the activity. She has a meltdown and then forces her daughter to finish me up and then they proceed to bust my balls violently. To the point of major damage. Of course that's my kind of kink and I feel that I deserve to be punished for my lustful thoughts on my step daughter. I had not masterbated to her until she turned 18.. because I felt that would open doors that I'm not gonna open. So, if you have any fantasy that gives off shame, I encourage you to talk to a therapist or find a way to work through that shame and create a rule or boundaries that give you strict requirements to be allowed to go there in your mind.

  16. Lol you don't look dumb at all. It's so ridiculous that we women always take it on as if we are the problem. Us caring isn't the problem. Getting attached isn't the problem. Having sex “too quickly” isn't the problem. Wanting respect isn't the problem. Wanting a connection or commitment isn't the problem! Sometimes people just suck. Sometimes they're still figuring out who they are. Sometimes they have no emotional intelligence. Sometimes they're terrified of vulnerability. None of that is on you. So stop taking it on.

  17. We have dinner together almost every night, it typically ends with us both falling asleep on the couch watching Netflix

  18. Step 1: Date Step 2 : Make a connection Step 3: Physical intimacy will follow ​ But if you want to come off less creepy. Probably don't call people sluts. Probably don't devalue sex workers. Probably don't talk about sleeping with drunken women.

  19. Just try it. You'll figure it out pretty quickly. You're not going to harm yourself unless you do something pretty dramatic. Though, you will want to make sure your fingernails are taken care of well. You don't want to scratch yourself.

  20. cut your nails, wash your hands. get prepped (cumming beforehand helps) or use lube. also keep in mind you might not derive any actual pleasure out of it, some women don't feel anything strong from doing it themselves

  21. It doesn’t “mean” anything. Guys who begin with missionary don’t, like, connect with you more or something (I mean, you’re referring to them in the past tense so it’s not like they’re still with you). Starting with doggy doesn’t mean he’s more disconnected. Maybe he just likes the visual. Take it as a compliment. He probably thinks you have a nice ass. He can slap your ass better in that position, too. It’s a win-win without any deeper implications.

  22. If they work similarly to COVID tests, then you're going to increase your false positive rate, which could be problematic. If you have insurance, getting testing done at a doctor's office is much less of a hassle.

  23. That's the entire point of christianity. Easier to control people when you convince them they are evil unless they follow you. Previous comment suggests they aren't religious though so I'm curious where the purity crap came from

  24. You're a woman so it's extremely easy. Just download a dating app and tell whoever looks like your type that you wanna hang out. If they don't seem like a creep irl then invite them over.